White Cottage Cheese Discharge: 5 Reasons You have Yeast

Cottage Cheese Discharge

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Do you have white cottage cheese discharge and you are worried about the white stuff that comes out of your vagina. Then this guide will explain the causes of the white stuff you see down there, how to get rid of them and how to prevent this kind of discharge in the future.

Cottage cheese like discharge is an abnormal discharge due to yeast infection. It occurs in women with weak immune system and women taking antibiotics without approval by their doctors.

Also, it is possible to get cottage cheese discharge after treatment of a urinary tract infection. Should I be worried about the white stuff down there? No. This is because your normal discharge should be white. It can turn brown or pinkish. It may be excessive sometimes when pregnant, ovulating or while breastfeeding.

However, cottage cheese looking discharge is a sign of a yeast infection. Yeast infection can affect both men and women. Though, not sexually transmitted, if not treated while you’re pregnant can be transmitted to your baby during childbirth.


What is the normal vaginal discharge you should have?

Vaginal discharge is a normal way the body keeps the vagina clean. It consists of vaginal epithelial cells, good bacteria (that protect the vaginal —lactobacillus), bad bacteria (that may cause infections), fungi, and clear mucus discharge.

In women, the good bacteria ensure that the pH is maintained and makes it difficult for an infection to occur. Any process or infection that alter this balance in the vagina will cause an infection.

In addition, there are different colors your discharge could look like. If brownish mucus discharge, then it’s likely because you’re removing old blood from your womb or due to slight bleeding that occurs during implantation.

Normal discharge is white thick mucus discharge at both ends of your menstrual cycle. Should I be worried if my discharge is mucus like and clear? No. It is normal for women to have white discharge and except it smells or causes vaginal itching, it is normal.


What conditions increases your chances of having cottage cheese discharge?

Yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection. It is also not an infection from bad hygiene. A lot of women clean their vagina and wash properly but still have yeast infection discharge.

So what are the factors that increase your chances of having a cottage cheese like discharge?

  • Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics without doctors prescription can predispose you to yeast infection. How does this happen and what are broad-spectrum antibiotics? These are drugs that fight many types of bacteria. The can kill both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. If this happens, it can affect the normal vaginal balance of cells, thereby increasing the number of fungi. This happens because broad-spectrum antibiotics do not kill fungi. This dominance of fungi (candida albicans) can result to fungi infection with cottage cheese like discharge.


  • Immune-compromised women. Any condition that depresses your immune system will increase your chances of developing abnormal cheese like discharge. Women with HIV have an increased chance to have a yeast infection due to a weak immune system.


  • High dose estrogen contraceptive pills.


  • Pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then you can have cottage cheese looking discharge from yeast infection. This is because your immunity is slightly depressed when pregnant. Yeast infection is the commonest kind of vaginal infection experienced by pregnant women.


  • Diabetes mellitus is also a risk factor too. If you have high blood sugar levels, it can cause persistent cottage cheese like discharge.

If you have any of these risk factors and develop abnormal white stuff down your vaginal, you should inform your doctor.


5 Reasons your cottage cheese like discharge is due to a yeast infection?

If you have cottage cheese looking discharge and any of these symptoms then its likely you have a yeast infection. They are:

  • Vaginal itching and scratching. If you continue to have irresistible urge to scratch down there, then there is a chance you already have yeast. Some women will develop vulva soreness from persistent scratching. If you notice this unbearable and uncomfortable symptoms, you should let your doctor know about it.
  • Vulva swelling
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Dysuria or pain while voiding
  • Soreness of your vagina

If you experience these symptoms with a cottage cheese like discharge then its likely yeast. Should i worry about my yeast vaginal infection? No. This is because yeast infection is easily treated and cured. Inform your doctor for testing and treatment.


How is yeast infection tested and treated?

Presence of white cheesy discharge and vaginal itching or soreness is a sign of a yeast infection. Your doctor will take a swab specimen from your vagina for a test. This is to confirm if you have yeast because many other sexually transmitted infections, like gonorrhea and bacteria vaginosis, can mimic a yeast infection.

After confirmation and diagnosis, you will be treated. Anti-fugal drugs such as fluconazole which is an imidazole is used with good success rate. However, if you are pregnant, oral fluconazole is not safe. Your doctor will prescribe pessaries or canesten cream which is safe.


How can i prevent cottage cheese looking discharge?

Yeast infection is not sexually transmitted. Preventing the risk factors that predispose to cheese like discharge will help prevent the infection. These are some ways you can be safe from yeast:

  • Don’t take broad spectrum antibiotics without your doctors prescription.
  • Are you pregnant and you are worried about your cottage cheese discharge? Then let your doctor know about it. This is because your baby may get infected during child birth. You can prevent infection to your baby by treating yourself.
  • Avoid vaginal douching because it can affect the normal vagina flora
  • Have diabetes mellitus? Inform your doctor and be regular with your clinic visits and medications. This will prevent yeast infection as your blood sugar will be normal
  • Inform your doctor about your contraceptive pill. Your high doses Estrogen pill will be changed to low dose. If symptoms continue, other forms of contraceptives will be used including progesterone only contraceptives.
  • Avoid using synthetic underwear to prevent moist environment down there.
  • If you are immune-compromised or have HIV infection visit your doctor for retroviral drugs (HAART).


Frequently asked questions about white cottage cheese discharge

These are some commonly asked questions about cheese looking discharge. If you have any more questions or want to share your experience, then please comment below.

What causes cottage cheese discharge in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and notice cheese like discharge, then its likely because of yeast infection. It is very common infection in pregnant women. Other symptoms are vaginal itching, swelling of vulva and soreness.

What causes cottage cheese discharge no odor no itch?

Yes, cottage cheese discharge is likely due to yeast infection. Most women with yeast infection do not have a smell at all. If you persistently have cottage cheese discharge with itching, then it may be a sign of an infection. However, thick discharge that occurs at both ends of your menstrual cycle should not be confused with a yeast infection.

Is cottage cheese discharge an STD?

STD means sexually transmitted disease. Cottage cheese discharge is due to yeast infection which is not an STD. Abnormal discharge due to STD are yellow discharge and green discharge

Learn more about green discharge

Learn more about yellow discharge

Will yeast infection cause yellow discharge?

No. Yellow discharge is mainly due to an infection (chlamydia, trich, gonorrhea). However, it could be normal in women when your discharge comes in contact with air. Yeast infection discharge is white thick clumpy discharge.

What causes chunk white discharge? Is it yeast?

White discharge that is thick, chunky cottage cheese like with vaginal itching and soreness is due to yeast infection.


Now its your turn. Do you have vaginal itching with cottage cheese like discharge? Share your stories and questions.

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