Green Vaginal Discharge: Is Light Green Discharge Normal?

light green vaginal discharge

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Do you experience green vaginal discharge or yellow-green discharge? Then this guide will explain the causes of green discharge and its treatment.

The normal color of vaginal discharge in women is white. However, it could change to any other color. In some women, it could be brownish or yellowish discharge. Contact with air can change your normal white vaginal discharge to yellow. Also, some women may experience brown discharge due to slight bleeding they experience during their menstrual cycle. These are normal in women.

Vaginal discharge without itching, vulva scratching, soreness, foul smell is most likely normal. If your vaginal discharge becomes smelly with itch then it’s likely due to an infection.

The commonest cause of green vaginal discharge is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Pelvic inflammatory disease is an ascending infection that affects the uterus, fallopian tubes, and the abdomen. It can cause fever, low abdomen pain, and infertility in women.

Most common infection that causes PID or light green discharge is chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis. However, women with green vaginal discharge can be treated and cured. PID treatment involves the use of antibiotics and sometimes surgery.

Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent any complications.


What causes green discharge in women?green discharge odor

If you experience any change in your vaginal discharge then it may not always be abnormal. However, in most cases, yellow green discharge is a sign of infection. It is one of the STD symptoms experienced by women with sexually transmitted infections.

The commonest cause of PID is gonorrhea, Chlamydia and trichomonas infection. While bacterial vaginosis can cause PID, it is not a sexually transmitted infection. In addition, 70 to 90 percent of all PID are due to chlamydia and gonorrhea.

If your experience green discharge then it’s important to inform your doctor.


What other symptoms can occur with green discharge?

Presence of light green discharge that clears on its own without any itching or odor may not be an infection. However, most women with green discharge may have any of these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • burning sensation while urinating (dysuria)
  • Low abdomen pain that can sometimes be severe
  • Inability to conceive (infertility)
  • Bleeding between periods (vaginal spotting)
  • Vaginal itching, smell with soreness
  • Pain during intercourse


When should I see a doctor if I have light green discharge?

It is not unusual for women to have a vaginal discharge that is not white. It can be brownish or yellowish. In some women, it may not be a problem. This is because yellow discharge before period can clear on its own. Women will sometimes have brown discharge due to implantation bleeding. But this clears in a few days.

However, persistent green discharge with any of the above symptoms is abnormal. You should inform your doctor for test and treatment.


How is green discharge tested and treated?

During your clinic visit, samples of your vaginal discharge or samples from your urethra are collected for the test. Your doctor will also ask some questions to determine if your discharge is abnormal. Some of the questions you may be asked are

  • Any history of unprotected intercourse?
  • Whats the color of your discharge and how long you have noticed it?
  • Are there any vaginal itching or burning
  • Do you use vaginal douche or take antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription?
  • Any pain or vaginal tear during intercourse?
  • Have you experienced vaginal discharge before?
  • Any fever, low abdomen pain?

If you are diagnosed with an infection, you can be treated and cured.

Green discharge due to Trichomonas infection is treated with metronidazole. Also, your partner will need to be treated. This is to prevent reinfection.

Also, green discharge due to gonorrhea infection can be treated with ceftriaxone and ampicillin. Both drugs are also safe to use in pregnant women. Chlamydia infection is treated with doxycycline and amoxicillin.

Sometimes your yellow-green discharge may be due to BV (bacterial vaginosis). BV symptoms can be treated with antibiotics for about a week.

Early diagnosis and treatment in women with vaginal infection are advised.


What happens if I do not treat my abnormal discharge?worried greenish discharge

Possible complications that can occur if you do not treat your abnormal discharge are

  • Ectopic pregnancy. The vaginal infection that causes green discharge may affect the fallopian tubes. This will result to implantation of the baby outside the uterus.
  • Infertility
  • Sepsis
  • Threaten miscarriage
  • miscarriage
  • preterm babies
  • Increased likelihood to contact other STIs like HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea.
  • It can affect the Bartholin’s gland and cause Bartholin abscess.


How can I prevent light green discharge?

  • Abstinence or avoid intercourse
  • Reduce your number of sexual partners
  • Get your male partner tested with or without STD symptoms
  • Inform people you’ve had intercourse with to get tested and treated.
  • Avoid intercourse while infected or during treatment to prevent the spread of the infection
  • Get new male partners tested and treated for any infection
  • Avoid vaginal douching


Frequently asked questions about light green discharge?

You asked and we answered.

What causes light green discharge during pregnancy?

The commonest cause of abnormal discharge during pregnancy is due to yeast infection. However, pregnant women can develop green discharge too. This is usually due to an infection. You should inform your doctor if you experience this type of discharge during pregnancy.

Is trichomoniasis discharge green?

Trichomoniasis discharge is yellow-green in nature and also foul smelling. Often women complain of painful urination and pain during intercourse.

What causes thick white discharge with odor?

Thick white discharge is normal in women. It is common in women before the onset of period. However, if you experience a cheesy thick discharge with odor then it’s abnormal. Thick clumpy discharge with itching is a common yeast infection symptom. You may also experience clear watery discharge during your ovulation cycle. This is normal.


Now it’s your turn. Tell us if you have an abnormal green discharge. Share your other symptoms and experiences.

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    I just found out a weird discharge from my vagina. It is light greenish color but it is odorless. I found it inside the vagina. Saw small bits on the outside of my vagina but I had to put my fingers in to notice this weird formation. Please help me. Severely worried

  • Anonymous Reply

    I have the same problem and too embarrassed to seek help

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Green discharge is nothing normal. So, seek help from your doctor. There is nothing to be shy about.

  • Diane Reply

    I had a thick creamy mosh green discharge after I wiped them later on it was back to clear what could this be?

    • Diane Reply

      I meant to put creamy

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