Trichomonas infection (Trich): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Trichomonas infection (Trich) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

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Tichomoniasis (trich) which is due to trichomonas infection is a common complaint among women worldwide. It affects about 2 million women in the united states. In 2003, it is estimated that 58 million women is affected by trichomonas infection.

Trichomoniasis (trich) is caused by trichomonas vaginalis infection which is a single celled protozoa. It is a sexually transmitted disease that occurs in both males and females. However, many women do not show symptoms of the disease. If your partner is not treated, the recurrence rate is high.

It is important to know that about 70 percent of women do not show disease. This article will explain the symptoms and treatment for the disease. Treatment of trichomonas infection is even more important in pregnancy because it can affect the baby.


What causes trichomoniasis (trich)

Trich is caused by the organism trichomonas vaginalis. it is present in the genital tract of infected women and men. Transmission is by sexual contact. It is more common in women that practice unsafe sex.


What are the signs and symptoms of trichomonas infection (trich)

Women who develop symptoms are few. 70 percent of women of women and men infected do not show symptoms. In those that show symptoms, It occurs 5 to 28 days of contact. Some of the symptoms of trich experienced by women include

  • An increased sensation to scratch the vulva due to sensation of nerve endings present in the vulva. This will lead to scratching with soreness.
  • Vaginal discharge is foul smelling. It is often described by women as frothy yellowish green in color. If you experience this type of vaginal discharge you should inform your doctor for test and treatment.
  • Painful urination (dysuria) and abdominal pain
  • Women and men will also complain of discomfort during sex.


How is trichomonas infection (Trich) diagnosed?

Women that experience the above symptoms are likely to have trich. The presence of fish smelling vaginal discharge and soreness in a woman after 5 to 28 days of sex with a new partner is likely due to trichomonas infection. However, most sexually transmitted infection and yeast infection can mimic symptoms. It is therefore important to visit your doctor for tests to be carried out.

Wet mount test. During this test your discharge is collected with a vaginal swab and mixed with saline. It is the viewed with the microscope. Presence of flagellated trichomonas vaginalis is diagnostic. However, the sensitivity of this test is 60 to 70 percent.

Culture of specimen of specimen in diamond medium can be done. It is cheap and have a sensitivity of about 70 to 90 percent.

Nucleic acid amplification test can also be done. Though it is expensive, it more sensitive that the other tests.


What is the treatment of trichomonas infection (trich)?

Vaginal infection in women can have a psychological effect. It can also cause serious problems in a relationship. Early diagnosis and treatment is therefore important. You should see your doctor and explain your symptoms. There is no need to be shy about your problems. Trichomonas infection can be treated and cured. However, recurrence rate is high if your sex partner is not treated. You will also be screened for other STIs including gonorrhea, chlamydia infection.

The drug of choice to treat trichomonas infection is a single oral dose of 2g metronidazole or 400mg given twice daily. It has a cure rate of about 95 percent. However, tinidazole can be used to also. It is a single dose regimen of 2g though it is more expensive.

In addition, metronidazole can be used in pregnant women to treat trichomonas infection. However, larger prolonged doses is avoided.

Women who are immune compromised will require longer treatment for a week.


How can trichomonas infection be prevented in women?

There is no best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases than abstinence. Women that abstain from sex are unlikely to have trich. However, abstinence can be very difficult in women during reproductive years. Use of condoms has been shown to reduce the transmission of trich. Though not 100 percent safe, it prevents the disease transmission when used correctly.

In addition, early screening of women with abnormal vaginal discharge is important for early detection and quick treatment.


What is the complication of trichomanas infection (trich) in women and men?

If trichomonas infection is not treated early, it can have long term effects. Some of the complications of trichomoniasis are

  • Increased risk of developing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Increased risk of preterm delivery in pregnant women
  • Risk of prostatitis in men


Frequently asked questions about TRICH

Can you get trichomoniasis from a toilet seat?

Yes,. though this mode of transmission is very rare. Trichomonas vaginalis main mode of transmission is during sex. It is believed that the organism can survive to 45 minutes in water and 5 to 6 hours in diluted urine.

What is trichomoniasis life cycle?

The infective trophozoite are present in the vagina or orifice of the penis. During sex this transmission occurs. The organism multiplies by longitudinal binary fission.

How can i get trichomoniasis if no one cheats?

It is possible to get infected with trichomoniasis without sex. However, this is extremely rare. Possible ways of this transmission are

  • Use of infected damp towels
  • Recently infected pool water
  • Recently infected toilet seats

This mode of transmission is extremely rare.

What is trichomoniasis cure?

Treatment with metronidazole has a cure rate of 95 percent. it is important to see your doctor for treatment.


Now its your turn. Let us know if you have trich infection symptoms. Share your suggestions and questions.

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