What Does Yeast Infection Smell Like Or Look Like?

what does yeast infection smell like

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Do you have white stuff down there and want to know what yeast infection smell like or look like? Then i will let you know. If you’re worried about the type of discharge coming out your vagina, then it may be abnormal.

However, not all vaginal discharge color is abnormal in women. Your discharge may be yellow, brownish and still be normal. Are you worried that your discharge is now excessively thick or watery? Then it may be normal too. During ovulation, breastfeeding and pregnancy women experience increased vaginal discharge.

You probably have always noticed that white stuff that has no smell and has not itching too. Yes, this is normal vaginal discharge and provided it is not smelly with odor, then its okay.


Why is vaginal discharge important?

If you are close to puberty or already now at adolescence, you will probably notice you have discharge. Initially just before your first period, it may be brown in color. But later clears up and becomes white vaginal discharge.

This discharge can be thick white vaginal discharge or watery clear discharge. At the beginning of your menstrual cycle, just after your period ends, you will notice that white stuff is thick white. Also, at the late part of your cycle, just before your next menstruation, you will notice white thick discharge or dry vagina again. This is normal in women.

However, in the middle of your cycle, it becomes creamy white and then watery discharge. This is because you’re ovulating. Do i have to worry about this type of discharge? No. If your discharge is without smell and vaginal itching then you’re okay. But if you notice that it smells down there, sometimes fishy smelling discharge, then its likely due to an infection.


What does a yeast infection look like?

Now you already know what your normal discharge should look like, lets explain how an abnormal yeast infection looks like.

What is yeast infection? This is a fungi infection that affects your vagina and caused by candida albicans. It is not sexually transmitted. However, it is one of the common vaginal infections experience by pregnant women. If not treated while you’re pregnant can affect your baby during childbirth.

Who are at risk of yeast infection?

  • Pregnant women. Yeast infection is a common vagina infection among pregnant women. This is because of weak immune system in pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and you feel you white discharge is abnormal, it may be due to yeast.
  • Women that take broad spectrum antibiotics can also have yeast. If you are taking an antibiotics to probably treat an infection or urinary tract infection, then you can develop yeast infection. How? Your vaginal discharge is made up of clear cervical mucus, good bacteria (lactobacillus) and bad bacteria and fungi (candida albicans). The good bacteria maintains the pH of the vagina and makes it acidic. This is to prevent any infection. However, when you take a broad spectrum antibiotics, that can kill both good and bad bacteria, It does not kill the fungi. This will cause an increase fungi presence in your vagina with resultant infection.
  • Women that already have a weakened immune system from HIV infection.
  • Diabetic women. If you already have diabetes mellitus, which is high blood sugar level, then you can develop yeast infection too.


What does yeast infection look like?

Yeast infection discharge is a cottage cheese like discharge that is whitish in color with these symptoms

  • Vaginal itching
  • Swelling of your vulva or soreness
  • Pain while having intercourse
  • Discomfort or pain while passing urine
  • White clumpy discharge or cottage cheese discharge


What does yeast infection smell like?

Yeast infection is clear white discharge and does not have any smell in most women. However, in some women, they may experience an unusual odor that is beer like with other symptoms of vulva swelling and itching.


Does yeast infection go away on its own?

Yeast infection, especially when not serious can go away on its own. You just have to give it some time to see if your symptoms resolves. However, the symptoms of pain during intercourse and when urinating, soreness of your vulva and itching will require medication to resolve quickly.

Yeast infection can be treated with oral drugs like fluconazole or pessaries. Use of oral fluconazole can affect your baby and therefore not safe if you’re pregnant. However, pessaries or canesten cream can be used without any effect on your baby.


It feels like yeast infection but no discharge?

If you have white stuff from your vagina that is cottage cheese like and clumpy then you likely have yeast infection. However, if your discharge is not clumpy and has no inflammatory signs like vaginal itching or vulva swelling, then its likely normal. If you are still worried it could be abnormal, the let your doctor know about it. Yeast infection can be easily tested and treated.


How can yeast infection be prevented?

  • Avoid synthetic underwear
  • Stop vaginal douching
  • Avoid vaginal sprays and perfumes
  • Don’t take broad spectrum antibiotics without advise from your doctor
  • Treat your diabetes or HIV infection
  • Consider changing your contraceptive pill if you’re on high dose estrogen pills


Now its your turn. Do you feel an abnormal discharge and not sure about the odor? Let us know.

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