Milky White Discharge: When To Worry?

Milky White Discharge

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Do you experience milky white discharge before or after your period and you’re worried it may be pregnancy?

Surely, if you’ve had sexual intercourse some weeks or days ago, your excessive milky discharge could be a sign of pregnancy.

However, ovulation, sexual intercourse, vaginal douching and infections may also cause milky discharge.

This article explains 7 main causes of milky discharge and when it’s likely due to pregnancy or an infection.


What does a normal discharge look like?

Every woman during her fertile years is expected to have menstruation. Between each period, the texture and thickness of your discharge will vary.

Just before ovulation, your discharge can be clear, watery and stretchy. It is due to estrogen rise just before you ovulate.

After ovulation, your vaginal discharge becomes creamy white discharge.

Just before your period starts, you will notice a thick white discharge coming from your vaginal area. This is due to the increased level of progesterone hormone in the second half of your menstrual cycle. It is a normal discharge and does not need any treatment.what does milky white discharge look like

Milky white discharge is normal in most women and you don’t have to worry about it. However, if your vaginal discharge has an unpleasant smell, it’s time to talk to your doctor.


What are the normal causes of milky white discharge?

Milky white discharge is normal in women and can occur in these conditions.

1.  During ovulation

Ovulation is the process where the egg is discharged from the dominant follicle in the ovary. The egg will then fuse with the sperm (from the man) to form a baby.ovulation

Before ovulation, there is a rise in estrogen level. This will cause increased production of cervical mucus that makes the vaginal discharge to be a sticky and watery discharge. This is not a problem and you should not worry about this.

Every woman should learn about their ovulation symptoms to know when you ovulate. If you are trying to conceive and don’t know how to get pregnant, then having regular intercourse during this period (your fertile window) increase your chances.

Milky discharge is not abnormal when it occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle as it is mostly because you’re ovulating.

2.  During pregnancy

If you become pregnant, you may notice an increase in cervical mucus production that comes out as milky discharge. This is usually due to hormone changes in early pregnancy. Excessive milky white discharge after a missed period is a sign of pregnancy.

If you are expecting a pregnancy then it is okay. However, if you’re not then you can talk to your doctor if abortion is legal in your country.

3.  During intercoursesex for reduce period

Milky white discharge comes out normally during intercourse. Also, some women will notice increased vaginal discharge when they are aroused or stimulated. This is due to stimulation of the Bartholin gland to make the vaginal canal watery for increased pleasure.

This should not concern you except your discharge is smelly with signs of inflammation.


What are the abnormal causes of white discharge?

Women can have abnormal white discharge. This should not be confused with the normal white milky discharge. Conditions that can cause abnormal white discharge are:

Yeast infection discharge. During a yeast infection, women complain of thick curdy discharge that is whitish. In addition, there are symptoms of vulva itching, pain during intercourse and soreness.white discharge a week before period due to yeast

If you experience these symptoms, then your discharge is abnormal and you should inform your doctor.

Vaginal douche. Vaginal douching is an unsafe way to clean your vulva. it can disrupt the vaginal flora leading to infection. Creamy white discharge with fishy smell is common in these women.


When should I worry about my discharge?

Now you already know most milky white discharge are normal. However, if your discharge changes color, become smelly and start itching then it is abnormal. These are some abnormal discharge colors and what they mean.

Green discharge. If you experience any light green discharge then it is not normal. It’s commonly due to PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). PID can cause problems if not treated. Symptoms like low abdomen pain, vomiting, fever are early signs of PID infection.

Yellow discharge. If you are having consistent yellow discharge then you have an infection. Let your doctor know as soon as possible.


Frequently asked questions about white milky discharge?

These are commonly asked questions about white milky discharge you should know. If you have any more questions feel free to share.


What does it mean when a lot of white discharge comes out?

White discharge is not a problem except you notice an odor and vaginal itch. Most women during their menstrual cycle will have thick discharge at the beginning and the end of their cycle.

Also, in the middle of your cycle, vaginal discharge is watery. This is normal in women and should not worry you.


Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Thick white discharge at the beginning and late part of your cycle is not a sign of pregnancy. However, if you missed your period and you’re experiencing watery discharge then it is likely you’re pregnant.

Other pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness, getting tired easily, nausea and vomiting will give a clue if you’re pregnant. Still not sure, then check your pregnancy status by running a test.


Is it normal to have white discharge before period?

Yes, it is normal due to increase progesterone hormone in the late half of your menstrual cycle. However, if there is a smell, odor, pain during intercourse then you should worry.


What causes milky white discharge before period?

There are 2 possible scenarios. If your milky white discharge before your period occurs at the middle of your menstrual cycle, then it is like due to ovulation. It could also be due to pregnancy if it occurs just before you’re expecting your next period.


What causes milky white discharge after period?

If your white discharge is after your missed period, then you are pregnant. If you experience white discharge after the end of your period, then its okay and normal.


Is milky white discharge a sign of pregnancy?period delayed for 1 month pregnancy

Yes. milky white discharge means you’re pregnant if you missed your period. However, if it occurs 14 to 16 days while expecting your next period, then its likely due to ovulation.


What causes milky white discharge with odor?

The normal vaginal discharge does not have an odor or cause vaginal itching. If you experience odor with white discharge then it is likely due to a yeast infection.


What is white discharge treatment?

Most women with white milky discharge do not require any treatment. It is normal as your discharge can change to thick white discharge during your menstrual cycle.

However, if your white discharge is due to yeast infection and clumpy then it can be treated with fluconazole and Canesten cream.


What causes thick white clumpy discharge?

Thick white clumpy discharge is due to yeast infection. Other symptoms include vaginal itch, soreness, and unusual vaginal odor. Women that are HIV positive and diabetic patients are more prone to yeast infection.


Is milky white odorless discharge abnormal?

No. Vaginal discharge without any odor is normal and does not require any treatment. However, thick white discharge with odor is abnormal.


Now it is your turn. Do you have milky discharge with odor? share your experiences and questions.

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  • Jennifer Reply

    My tubes have been tied for 7 years my cycle starts acting up a few months ago in March 2017 that I went to my OBGYN doctor June 1, 2017, and he did a vaginal ultrasound and did my physical he says I have an enlarged uterus. So my cycle has been coming on late month of June And I been with my boyfriend for 10 months we have unprotected intercourse so this month July 2017 I’m 4 days late I been having white thin discharge and clear watery discharge No odor and no cycle yet could I be pregnant?

  • Hoppy Reply

    My period is due today but I’m having milky white discharge. What could this be?

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    I was due 9/1/17 but I’ve been having a white milky odorless discharge and also I had sexual intercorse on 8/28. What does it mean

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    I had a question yesterday i had light bleed only lasted 6 hrs today I’m getting white discharge what does this mean my started in 9 days ??

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    I noticed a vy thick milky discharge after sex with my hubby no itching or soreness. My next period is in one week time. What is the cause pls

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