Position Of Cervix After Ovulation (If Pregnant or Not)


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The position of cervix after ovulation may indicate ovulation has occurred or give you a clue if you are pregnant or not.

Are you trying to detect pregnancy or your safe period by checking your cervical position after ovulation?

Becoming familiar with the ovulation cycle and ovulation signs are crucial to know your fertile days and safe period.


What is ovulation and when does it occur after period?

Ovulation is part of your menstrual cycle and means your ovaries expel one or more eggs into your Fallopian tubes for fertilization. Most women will have ovulation in the middle of their menstrual cycle, that is, 14 days before your next period.

The truth is, if you can sense ovulation signs, you can know when to avoid pregnancy or get pregnant easily.

So what’s your fertile window?

Between two of your periods, 6 days can easily get you pregnant after unsafe intercourse. The fertile days occurs 5 days before your ovaries expels egg ( ovulation) and a day after ovulation takes place.


So, what’s the cervix?

You may probably not know how to detect your cervix yet.

The cervix is like a tube that connects the uterus to the vaginal area. It can be felt easily at the beginning of your menstrual cycle and the end.

Sometimes, it may be high or low in the vaginal canal depending on if you’re ovulating or not.

If you get pregnant and during labor, the cervix opens up allowing your baby to pass through.


How can I predict when ovulation will occur soon?

If you’re able to identify symptoms of ovulation, avoiding pregnancy becomes easy. Any of these signs show you are likely to ovulate in a few days

1.  Cervical mucus from the vaginal area

Cervical mucus from the vaginal area changes during your menstrual cycle. It may be milky, thick, watery or sometimes brown in color.

The color, volume, and texture of your cervical mucus will change from time to time.

Just before you will ovulate, you may notice cervical mucus getting stretchy, watery or egg whitecervical-mucus-egg-white-cm

How to check your cervical mucus?

  • It’s important you wash your hands before insertion
  • Take the best position that you’re comfortable with. Either squatting, raising one leg on support while standing or on the toilet.
  • Next, Dip a finger deep into your vaginal canal. Your middle finger is the longest and can get to the cervix easier than other fingers.
  • Get your finger out and examine your cervical mucus.

Is it watery, non-smelly, stretchy between your fingers without breaking? This type of discharge indicates your ovulation is very close.

Is it sticky on your finger or creamy white? This kind of discharge is non-fertile?. If you have intercourse during sticky cervical mucus, it’s very unlikely to get pregnant.

2.  Dip in your basal temperature if checked regularly

If you regularly monitor and record your body temperature in the morning before any activity, you can tell when ovulation will occur.

Purchase a very sensitive thermometer which can show minimal changes in temperature. This is because, just before you will ovulate, there will be a dip in your body temperature.

3.  You will have heightened interest to have intercourse

Sexual desires can increase before you ovulate. This is a natural response to get women to have intercourse. If you notice very increases urge for love-making while expecting your ovulation, it’s a sign ovulation will occur soon

4.  The position of cervix during ovulation

During your period and just before it ends, the uterine cervix is low and feels hard when examined.

As you get close to ovulation, your cervix becomes soft and gets higher up in the vaginal canal. During this time, the cervix is soft and very hard to detect.

How to detect cervical positionscheck cervix

  • Wash your hands to prevent the spread of infections
  • Take a comfortable position either squatting or raising one of your legs
  • Dip your longest or middle finger high up to feel a mass inside your vaginal area
  • Now examine if it’s hard, soft, low or hard


How can I detect ovulation has taken place?

Just like it’s possible to know when ovulation will occur, you can detect when it has occurred. Some of the signs after ovulation are;

1.  Thick cervical mucuswhat does milky white discharge look like

Just after ovulation occurs, there is a surge in progesterone hormone, which thickens cervical mucus to become sticky or creamy discharge.

2.  Your basal body temperature rises

Due to high progesterone levels, your basal temperature will rise.

3.  Low cervix after ovulation

The position of your cervix becomes hard and low in your vaginal canal.


FAQs about the position of cervix after ovulation

Let us know your concerns below

Cervix after ovulation if pregnant?

If you are pregnant, your cervix feels soft and high up your vaginal canal with a closed cervical os, the opening that connects the cervix to the vaginal area.

The truth is that cervical changes or position varies among women and is not the best indicator of pregnancy. However, if your cervix is soft and high up your vaginal canal while expecting your next period, it’s likely you’re pregnant.

Bonus Tip: You may be pregnant without knowing. Watch this 1-Minute-Video to Discover 16 Most common Pregnancy Signs

Cervical position before period vs early pregnancy

Cervix position before period is low and hard with a thick or dry vaginal area.

However, cervical position early pregnancy is soft and high in your vaginal canal but not as high as when you were ovulating. In some women, it may take some time for your cervix to get soft, closed and high. Early pregnancy symptoms are

  • Missed period
  • Breast swelling
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Food aversion
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • You feel different with new behavior
  • Breast soreness and pain
  • Spotting before missed period
  • Nausea
  • Cramping abdominal pain

Cervix high and hard, what does it mean?

If your cervix is high and hard just before period or after ovulation, it means you’re not fertile.

Cervix high and soft before period?

If your cervix is high and soft before period, it’s an early indication you’re pregnant. It is easy to have a pregnancy test or observe for other pregnancy symptoms.

Low cervix early pregnancy, is it possible?

It’s possible that during early pregnancy your cervix will still feel low and hard. The time it takes for the cervix to get high and soft during pregnancy varies among women.

In some women, cervical change during pregnancy occurs very early while it may occur late in others.

Cervix low and soft, Am I pregnant?

If your cervix is low and soft before period or after ovulation, it could mean pregnancy.

If pregnant, the cervix moves up your vaginal canal but not as high up while ovulating. It’s advisable to run a pregnancy test if you have a low and soft cervix after a missed period.


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  • Shahrin Reply

    Wow this article was very helpful and informative. Thank you.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      You’re Welcome

      • Michelle craig Reply

        Hi. I had a marena coil until it fell out at the end of feb. I got an implant in on the 26th of march. We decided to try for a baby and got the implant out on 21st jul. I got pregnant 5 weeks later and lost the baby 4 weeks ago on 16th of oct. Normal natural miscarriage. Now im having cramps when checking my cervix which is high and soft with lotiony white mucus. Also very sore hips and knees and legs in general. Im not sleeping well but exhausted and think i am pregnant. But tests negative. I would be due a period today if my cycle went back to normal and im counting forst day of miscarriage as day one. Today is day 28. Whats going on?

  • Jane Reply

    First day lmp was June 23rd, last day 26th. I had intercourse on the 29th, 30th, July 3rd and 4th. I usually have 29 or 30 day cycles. I usually can tell if I’m pregnant right away, but I can’t tell. My cervix is soft, yesterday it felt open and today it feels closed. It is fairly high and angled posterior. My CM has been thick for the last 2 weeks, its starting to thin out a little now. I took a digital ept lastnight and it was negative. I pay very close attention to my body and it doesn’t feel like my period is coming and at the same time I dont have many pregnancy symptoms. I’ve had my moments of exhaustion, my breast feel heavy with very little tinderness, and some constipation. I pms lightly before my period and I feel nothing. Can you please let me know what you think?

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Period length 4 days, menstrual cycle length 30 days, ovulation date 9th of July, fertile days 4th to 10 July.

      There is a chance you could be pregnant. Hope this helps.

      • Jane Reply

        Thank you. 3 days late test still negative. Intercourse on the 4th ovulation on the 9, doesnt thst make my chances a bit slim considering it’s a full 5 days until ovulation. I think I’m just going to wait until August 1st to test again, by that time the results of the test should be pretty solid yes?

  • Sally Reply

    My LMP was June 20th. It lasted for an unusual 9 days (June 28th). The usual is 5days. I had unprotected intercourse he 25th and 26th. On average my cycle is 27days, 25 at the least and 28 at the most. I am now on CD37 with early pregnancy symptoms which include a high closed cervix and white sticky CM. I have 4 BFN htps. Could I still be pregnant?

  • Ashley Reply

    My cervix before period was medium soft, low and seemed to be a little open. Right before period started it (cervix) became high, soft and closed. I still had a period and it was light the first two days and then the morning of the third was super heavy with blood clots. Mid day of third day it just stopped and had no blood for the remainder of the day. The following day I barely spotted and the same the day after (small amounts of blood-no way near enough for tampon). After period stopped, cervical mucus was clear and stretchy. My cervix was/is still high, soft and closed. But negative pregnancy tests from before period, during period to today. Could you please tell me what in the world is going on?

    • Amida Reply

      did you ever test positive?

  • Nash Reply

    My Last period was on 10 Sep. finished on 14 Sep.I had ovulation on 26 Sep. We had sex from 22- 27 September ,everyday without any protection. Now I feel gassy but I am having very low milky vaginal discharge. When should i go for [pregnancy test?

  • Monica Reply

    I am post ovulation but still at least 10 days before period. (I got a positive ovulation test etc about 5 days ago). My cervix is wet low and open (with the opening facing towards my spine) can’t judge hard or soft because it feels like firmness under softness when you push on it if that makes sense. What does this mean? Also does the back facing opening interfere with our chances of getting pregnant?

  • Jayzbug Reply

    Plz. Help me. I’m on cycle day 7 I had 2 heavy days of period and spotted brown a little for 3 days. I’ve been cramping still and I feel like I have to pee all the time are have the urge real bad. Tonight I Decided to check my cervix and its super high and wet only a little… I get the feeling sometimes like something will leak out but nothing… I also have constipation so I dont know what to think so a little help would be nice… Could I be pregnant??

  • Nishaki Reply

    My period was Jan 14th I believe I ovulated Jan 28th my period is due in 4days I have aired breast and milky discharge my cervix is soft and high what are my chances o need advice

  • kell Reply

    Hi Nishaki, did you end up getting your Period? im in a similar position. the first day of LP was around 22nd jan 2018 ended 26 the Jan, had s*x on the 9 th Feb and im feeling pregnant, my cycle is roughly 30 days, the dates for fertilization seem a little off to me, but i have 3 children and know the feeling of being pregnant. I can squeeze yellow/clear colostrum from my nipples, feel bloated, tired, and throbbing vagina. (warm) strange symptoms i know, I did a pregnancy test this morning but was negative. Ill wait 2 days and do another one if my period doesnt come by then.my cervix is also soft and high. have you dont a test yet ?

  • Latonuga Thompson Reply

    I am loving the comments. Can’t wait to follow up with an answer to my own.

  • Brandy Reply

    Um ok sooooo I’m not TTC. I have had nexplanon for a year. I have a very regular cycle 24 days between 4 day periods. My period is due in 2 days having the regular early prego/PMS symptoms, bloaty, crampy, sensitive “bobo’s” as my son calls them, normally I would expect this as the inevitable AF coming… but yesterday I started bleeding. And stopped. To someone who keeps track, and this has literally NEVER happened, it’s freaking me out. My last child I found out I was PG while I had the Mirena. Cervix is high, semi soft, wet, and closed.

  • Alicia Reply

    I had unprotected sxx, 4 days after ovulation, and today I’ve been having nausea but no other symptoms. Am I just worrying myself sick?

    • Yelhsa Reply

      You can’t get pregnant 4 days after ovulation

      • Dr. Dunn A. (M.B.B.S) - Written, Edited or Reviewed Reply

        That’s true, it is not possible. At the earliest, we expect implantation to happen 5 days after ovulation but could be later.

  • Alicia Reply

    My cervix is low and firm, is that a sign of pregnancy?

    • Dr. Dunn A. (M.B.B.S) - Written, Edited or Reviewed Reply

      I don’t think you are pregnant. Likely your period is on its way. But again, cervical changes are not 100 % reliable.


    Hi, I recently traveled to Gambia from the US my stay was 7weeks. My cycle was 2 days late in April and I took 3 positive test then sudden bleeding the very next day. One of my breasts has colostrum I assumed possible miscarriage after negative test days later or crazy cycle due to 3 different time change. My May “cycle”started on 5th. and last about 6days on and off. It wasn’t normal in color being a bright red, pink, black, then brown. Upon returning to the US May 10th I was still spotting. Now I’m extremely wet lots of moisture resembling sperm in texture. I’ve took multiple test they’re negative I feel full in my pelvic area. My cervix is full of this sperm like substance and sits low with small slit Idk if its jet lag or what but its a different feel. I’ve had 3 all natural successful births in my past but 1 miscarriage a year ago. I was told no pregnancies are the same. However since my sudden miscarriage, should my husband and I be worried? Is this normal? My midwife has set an appointment for June 9th…

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