2 Weeks Past Period Negative Pregnancy Test: 7 Reasons For late period

2 Weeks Past Period Negative Pregnancy Test 7 Causes

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Question – What causes 2 Weeks Past Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

Now you realized that your period has gone off and yet to come for two weeks; While you may think it’s pregnancy, the chances are slim. SO DON’T PANIC!!!

Many other reasons may cause hormone fluctuations that may either make your period late, lighter than normal or heavy.

Common reason for 2 weeks late period and not pregnant are

  • Poor pregnancy test technique
  • Poor sample collection— that is when less concentrated urine was used in your test.
  • Stress and weight loss
  • Thyroid problems
  • Emergency pills usage after sex

However, if you’ve had sexual intercourse without using protective measures, there is a possibility you could be pregnant.

The article explains the causes of a delayed period, and when you should worry.


What causes 2 weeks past period negative pregnancy test?

Menstrual period occurs after 21 to 35 days. It’s not abnormal for a shift of period date, however, it could mean something more serious if it’s persistent. Here are possible reasons you’ve missed your period for two weeks and still test negative.

1.  Perimenopause

You probably may not have known that women have body changes as they grow old. As you grow into your 40’s and just before early 50’s, when menopause occurs, you may begin to have some changes in your period, ovulation, mood and vaginal discharge

These signs are peri-menopausal and signals you period will soon cease. Easy ways to identify perimenopause are

  • Age more than 40 years
  • You experience vaginal dryness that is worsening
  • Hot flashes
  • Bone pain due to osteoporosis

If you are more than 40 years with a delayed period, then it’s likely peri-menopausal changes have already started. You should inform your doctor and ask for easy topical estrogen cream to ease symptoms.

2.  You have multiple ovarian cysts

In some young women, deep voice and male type hair distribution from the chin to the chest may be the first signs of a Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Polycystic ovaries are relatively common. In the United States, about 10 million women have cystic ovaries. If you’ve persistently had less bleeding during periods and now missed period for 2 weeks, chances are it could be PCOS.

Other ways to know it’s PCOS are

  • Missed period for weeks and months
  • Excessive hair or abnormal distribution
  • Weight gain or obesity
  • Excessive acne due to high androgen level
  • Regular intercourse but still difficult to conceive
  • Persistent hair loss
  • Irregular menstrual cycle

What can I do to confirm polycystic ovaries?

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. There are many other reasons you could have the above symptoms. To confirm PCOS, an ultrasound and other blood tests will be carried out.

Treatment is possible with increased fertility in women.

3.  You stressed yourself out

If you had strenuous academic, emotional or physical stress for a long time, your body reacts by sending signals to your brain, where ovulation and period are controlled.

Stress may not always mean getting physically work-out. If you are worried either psychologically or emotionally, your hormones may be secreted in an abnormal way

The body hypothalamus (brain center that controls ovulation) may not work properly by either blocking or reducing hormone release.

8 signs you could be stressed without knowing are

  • Memory problems
  • Getting confused with poor concentration
  • Not being optimistic about your ambitions
  • Feeling depressed and unhappy
  • Feeling isolated
  • Taking alcohol or cigarettes to relax
  • Body pains
  • Lack of sexual desires

What steps may help out?

Ways you can get your period back is by talking to a therapist, taking some time off to relax, or talking to friends and family about issues bothering you.

4.  You’ve lost excessive weight

Trying to work yourself more than required can shoot down hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. After exercise and loss of more than 10 percent of total body weight, your period could be absent for a while.

5.  After an abortion

If you’ve taken some medications or surgically ended your pregnancy some weeks ago, it’s normal to have a delayed period for weeks or months.

Initially, the first weeks after an abortion may still test positive. This occurs because you still have detectable levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)

By the 4th week after an abortion, you will test negative. The time frame for the first period after an abortion varies from women to women. However, most women should get period after 4 to 12 weeks.

6. Pregnancy

Just because your period is 2 weeks late and you test negative does not rule out pregnancy. It’s possible your hormones are still undetectable, due to very low levels. Some women miss that period because of wrong dates.

Should you get pregnant, your period will stop coming and you may still test negative depending on when the test was carried out, type of pregnancy kit used and time of day test was conducted.

Generally, it is advised to use strips with early morning urine or after holding off urine for at least 8 hours. This enables hormones to reach a level that can be detected.

Another reason for a negative test may be due to the type of kit use. I always advise my friends and readers to use first response kit. It’s very accurate and can detect a little rise in HCG hormone.

Possible symptoms of pregnancy are

  • Cramping after missing your period
  • Feeling very weak and tired
  • Feeling like vomiting, which worsens in the morning
  • Your nipple becomes itching and tender
  • Your breast become bigger and tender
  • Mood changes

What to do?

To confirm if it pregnancy, you could either wait for some days or use a more sensitive pregnancy test with your early morning urine.

If you still test negative but have pregnancy signs, you should wait for another week and test again. Always inform your doctor for more health information and care.

7.  You are on Girls pill

Taking contraceptive pills can block your period for weeks or months.

If you are not sure why are on pills, ask your doctor about the mode of action and side effects you may experience.

It’s not abnormal not to have period for weeks and months on contraceptives. Seasonale brands can stop period for about 4 months. This implies you only have period four times in a year.

8.  After sex pills

You had sex, without a condom, got worried and took emergency pills. These pills act by blocking or preventing ovulation resulting in a delay of period.

Other reasons for 2 weeks late period negative pregnancy test are:

  • Long-term ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Eating disorders
  • Breastfeeding
  • Menopause
  • Early ovarian failure

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  • AC Reply

    I have been on birth control for about a year because I was not having a period. with the birth control, my period has been regulated. about the month of May I was taking antibiotics to treat h-pylori, my period was a normal dates/slightly unusual in June 2- June 7; my blood was clots and an extra day to finish; however, on the June 14th, I started bleeding again; pinkish, milky; the third day it started coming out black. i went to the Dr and she prescribed me antibiotics, took a pregnancy test which came out negative. the “second period lasted eight days”
    my regular period should have started on June 30th, I am 12 days late, took a pregnancy test on Monday, came out negative. yesterday I started spotting, this is my second day, it has been dark red/black.
    I have an appt w my primary care Dr next week to do a pap smear and I have another appt the following week w an obygn to do a vaginal ultrasound. I am very scared. I have been stressing, I don’t feel like me anymore, my feelings/mood swings have drastically changed.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      I’m glad to know you are already seeing a doctor. Surely they will help. Here are other reasons you could spot after period.

  • anna Reply

    hi I’m Anna, I have unprotected intercourse last June 30, then I got my period on the 2nd of July..it lasted for 3 days, and I’ve been too much stressed this past week because of my work, and now I missed my period. I make a pregnancy test and it’s negative..am I pregnant or I just missed my period because of stress? please help..I’m really confused.

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Yes, stress can delay your period and cause hormone imbalance. However, if you’ve had unprotected intercourse, wait for some days and recheck.

  • Garley Reply

    I’m 15 days late. My nipples itch and my brest or getting bigger and more moody then ever. I’m I pregnant

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Yes, you are. take a test soon.

  • Jas Reply

    Hi, so around the time my period was about to start I noticed I was spotting which indicated that my cycle was near. Well the spotting lasted for only a day and I never saw my period. After a week, I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Now, i am in wk 2 and still a negative test. Could I be still be pregnant?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Sometimes a delayed ovulation may cause you to spot before period. Wait another week and test again. Any pregnancy signs? If any, you could be pregnant.

  • Rose Reply

    Hi! Im Rose, i had UTI and i took antibiotic a week before my period which was supposed to be on aug.4..but until now it doesnt come yet .. i took pregnacy test but it was negative. . Am i pregnant?

  • Lisa Reply

    My last period was 40 days ago I’ve taken pregnancy tests that were negative.

    My period has never been this late other then being pregnant. If not pregnant, what could it be?


  • alex Reply

    I was supposed to have my AF on 25aug. im never really late but a day or so but I have still not gotten my period or any signs. the week before this I had light bleeding for 3 days and then it stopped. I took a pregnancy test but it came back negative. my breast are somewhat sore but not really but on the sides. After I ate at work I did feel nauseous and ending up vomiting but never again after that. I don’t know what to do or feel I was trying to have a child and was taking prenatal vitamins along with a fertility drink. need help

  • jen Reply

    Good day. May I ask if it is normal for the delay o period after having a protected sex (condom)? My last period was August 8, 2017 and until now I didnt get my period.

  • Cece Reply

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask some advices or suggestion… I am 8days late and never been this late. I have 31 day cycle and I should have AF last Aug.29 but to no avail, af isnt arriving yet. Had also an unprotected sex 2weeks before before my expected AF. All I am experiencing right now is swollen nipples (which lasted for 2 days) and a minimal to no discharge at all. I also have been under load full of stress the past months and my depressive episodes added on.. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • abegail tolero Reply

    My last period was on Sept.1..
    and he had s*x w/ my partner on 12th and 28th of same month.. This month of month October, my period had not arrived until now.. my pt i took last oct. 8 but negative is the result.. could i be pregnant?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Wait 7 days after period and take test again

      • mara kyle Reply

        I had intercourse on Sept 19 my last period was on Aug 26 and it lasted for 5 days. I was supposed to get my period somewhere bet sept 29-oct1 but it didn;t come. alreayd more than 2 weeks late 5 negative HPTs am I pregnant? my breasts are slightly enlarged, my nipples are sensitive and I’m having occasional cramps and leg pains

        • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

          These symptoms look like you are pregnant, but could occur if ovulation is delayed.

          wait for an extra week, and take another test.

  • Keisha Reply

    In two weeks late for my period took 3 pregnancy test one at home and 2 at the doctor office all negative. Can I be pregnant or is something else causing the delay?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      If your test says negative, then it’s likely you are not. It could be other reason discussed in this article.

  • Raqi Reply

    Im 42 y/o and i missed my period for almost 3 weeks now. I’ve been thru tubal ligation already, that was 8 and a half years ago,
    I have regular period in fact it starts 3 days prior to my previous moth’s period, I had my LMP Nov.27 and I still don’t have my period until now. and this is the first time I have encountered this.I tested twice and both negative. Does this mean I will have menopausal period at this age, when in fact I started to have my menstrual period when I was 16 y/o. The funny thing is I am experiencing nausea and vomiting, is this a menopausal sign as well.

    • AJC Reply

      Please contact me in my email, adeeljc@gmail.com… I’ll let u know all details because same was experienced few months back by my gf.

  • Stefanie Reply

    I’m on birth control, had unprotected s*x with my bf all the time. I was suppose to get my period on Tuesday/Wednesday. it’s brown and barely red blood,no blood clots It only stayed til Friday. It always stays til Sunday Monday. I had like no cramps. And one tampon could last a whole day. I’ve had less appetite, tired, emotional, bloated and weird butterflies in my stomach, bit of a sore back. I’m now two weeks late for my period/when the implantation bleeding was. Taken 4 hpt and all negative. Am I pregnant or what’s going on? Can’t see my doctor for another month!

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