What Causes No Period For 2 Months White Discharge

No period for 2 months white discharge

Last updated on July 28th, 2018 at 04:36 am

Are you worried you missed your period or have no period for 2 months white discharge? Do you feel you may be pregnant? Did you notice any light spotting before your missed period? Are you experiencing any sign of pregnancy?

If you have no signs of pregnancy with no period for two months, then it could be due to stress, perimenopause, and other causes.

This article explains the reasons for no period for 2 months with white discharge and when you should worry.


What Causes No period for 2 months white discharge

If you have no period for 2 months, then these are the possible causes

1.  Pregnancyperiod delayed for 1 month pregnancy

Pregnancy is the commonest cause of no period for 2 months. Are you of childbearing age and had unprotected sexual intercourse? Did you notice an increased vaginal discharge before and after your missed period? Any light cramps before your period?

If you get pregnant, your vaginal discharge may be brown or white. Light brown discharge is due to implantation bleeding that occurs a few days before your missed period. Though not all women will show brown spotting when pregnant, it is a very early sign of pregnancy.

Also, women notice an increased white discharge before their period, and this may be due to the effects of pregnancy. During menstrual cycle before pregnancy, women experience a change in their vaginal discharge texture from time to time.

Usually, right after period and before your next period, women experience thick white vaginal discharge. Some women may sometimes have a very dry vagina. This is due to sudden depletion of progesterone hormone after the corpus luteum breaks down.

If your experience a heavy vaginal discharge before your period then it may be an early sign you may be pregnant. If you’ve had no period for 2 months with increased discharge, then it is likely pregnancy.

What to do?pregnancy test

Get a pregnancy test done. Pregnancy test done 2 months after period is accurate. However, pregnancy test before period is not 100 percent accurate.

Check for other signs of pregnancy

  • Body weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Food craving
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased sensitivity to smell and taste

2.  Breastfeeding

Are you currently breastfeeding your baby? Then it’s likely the reason you have no period for 2 months white discharge.

During breastfeeding, prolactin hormone that increases breast milk production prevents ovulation from occurring naturally. If ovulation does not occur, then you will not have period.

Should I be worried? Not yet.

As your baby grows and you wean him/her from breast milk, your period will return naturally.

3.  Excessive exercise with weight lossExcercise

Do you have excessive exercise recently to reduce weight? Excessive exercise with more than 10 percent loss of body weight can affect your hypothalamus normal function.

The hypothalamus, which is situated in the brain, controls ovulation by the pulse-like release of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). This hormone regulates the production of estrogen and progesterone that directly controls ovulation.

During strenuous exercise, this pulse-like release of GnRH hormone is affected or reduced affecting ovulation and your period.

4.  You are taking contraceptivesbirth control pill

Are you currently on any pill to prevent pregnancy? Contraceptives act by blocking ovulation and preventing women from having periods for months. Newer types of like Seasonale prevents women from having period for 4 months.

These newer types of contraceptives are taken for continuous 84 days. If you are on birth control and not sure about the type you are on, you should inform your doctor for counseling.

Other types of contraception like a depo-povera shot and intrauterine devices may also cause no period for months.

5.  Perimenopause

Are you more than 40 years and have no period for 2 months with white discharge? Then it’s possibly due to peri-menopause.

What is perimenopause?

This simply means the time before menopause. In women peri-menopause occurs between 40 to 50 years. However, it could occur earlier in the 30’s.

Other common symptoms of peri-menopause are hot flashes, sleepless nights, dry vagina, irregular periods and change of mood.

6.  Stress

Did you have very stressful weeks or months before your missed period?

Stress can cause no period for two months. This is due to the effect of stress on your hypothalamus resulting in decreased pulse like release of GnRH.

7.  Polycystic ovaries

Polycystic ovarian disease, commonly referred to as PCOS, can also cause no period for two months. Women may also experience irregular periods or very light periods.

Symptoms of PCOS are

Other possible causes of no period for months are

8.  Thyroid diseases

9.  Scarring of the uterus from previous surgeries

10.  Asherman syndrome


What to do after missed period for 2 months with white discharge?

Missed period for 2 months? Here’s what you need to do:

1.  Get a pregnancy test done

If you think you are pregnant, then you should get a pregnancy test done. You can easily order a pregnancy kit and run the test with privacy and comfort at home. If pregnant, you should inform your doctor.

2.  Reduce your stress level

Reduce your stress level or changing your workout plan may help ease the stress effect on the hypothalamus.

3.  Stop excessive excessive

You should regulate your very strenuous exercise as it can affect your period coming out.

4.  Get counseling from your doctor if you are on contraceptives

Ask your doctor to explain the type of oral contraceptives you are on and the possible side effects.

5.  Get systemic or vaginal estrogen therapy for perimenopause symptoms

Dry vagina and systemic symptoms of peri-menopause like hot flashes and thinning of bones can be treated with systemic estrogen therapy.

6.  Inform your doctor

Lastly, its always important to inform your doctor if you have no period for 2 months.


Now it’s your turn. Do you have no period for 2 months with white discharge? Are you worried it could be pregnancy? Let us know.

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  • ntokozo Reply

    I had protected sex end of january and had normal periods february and march, then april my periods came for 1 day then may I didn’t get my periods now we are in the middle of June still no periods but I have no pregnancy symptoms but lately I’m suffering from constipation

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      There are many reasons your period is irregular and light.

      If you are surely not pregnant, your hormones may have been affected due to your age, stress and severe weight loss.

      In addition, having a period that lasts for a day is abnormal.

      • Chigemezu Reply

        Hi Dr dunn a, i have missed my period for 3month now with white discharge, without pregnant, what medication can take to see it back

  • Tisha Reply

    I had protected sxx most of the times. But at some times I took ipills. I had normal periods always. But since two months I have no periods and a lot of white discharge which is sometimes semisolid and sometimes thin and transparent and watery. I had my ultrasound done and my right ovary had certain bulkiness but my left ovary was normal. I don’t have any symptoms of Pcos like growth of hair on body or whatever. It’s only this that I have missed my periods. My exams are going on but I don’t think I take a lot of stress. Please suggest what to do

  • Keziah Reply

    I’m 13 and I got my period on April 1st of 2017.

    I have had my period for the months April and may but my June period hasn’t came yet and I’m 18 days late. I have not had any sexual interaction and I’m kind of afraid on why I haven’t had my period. Can u help me out

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      please relax and don’t panic. At 13 years after your period, it possible that your period will fluctuate. It will come back and there is nothing wrong with you. It occurs because your hormones are trying to settle. At 20 years, it should be regular.

  • Shaddy Reply

    Good morning, I’m 21yrs of age i had my period May and it came out well but the month of June and July I didn’t see my period yet and have done urine and blood pregnancy test it was negative and I also treat myself for malaria and infection but still I didn’t see my period…

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Take a test after 7 days; if its negative, it’s likely hormone imbalance. Chill out and relax, it should come if you are not pregnant.

  • jade Reply

    Good day i have missed 2 periods have done 20 pregnancy test and an ultrasound a month ago but not pregnant i have cramps lower back pains and a milky white discharge with my first born i was 15 weeks before i found out i was pregnant the test could not pick it up at 2 months i am currently trying for baby number 2 for 6 months now but with my missed period i dont know what to believe could there still be a chance that i am pregnant also i am not a cake person but for the last month i have been stuffing my face in it, its like my body is telling me i am but the test are saying no im not what should i do im so lost

  • Kathy Holmes Reply

    I am 52 and my period have came on 4 month and I I am not pregnant and have whit discharge

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      You are already close to menopause age (51) so your period will be delayed or irregular. That’s why.

  • ndivhuwo Reply

    hi am 22 yrs old i hv miss my period i have two months nw n wen i test it was negative ..i dont knw wat to do cz my period always lyk this all the time .pls help n my bf need a baby

  • precious Reply

    Hii doctor m just 20 and i have a missed my period it been 1 and the half month m nt pregnant tht is sure BEC i havent intimate with anyone till now wht to do i m anemic too

  • ef24 Reply

    Hi im 29 years old and i miss my period for more 2 months now.. i am not pregnant. I only have white discharges. And prior to that i had onlt experience blood spotting.

  • Nangnang Reply

    I am 18yrs old. Last June 7 was my last period and until now im still waiting for my period i tried 2 Pregnancy test but its negative. I notice there are a lot of watery white discharges came out when i carry heavy things. No signs of pregnancy even my body did not change. I will ask if there will be still a chance that i am pregnant?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Hormone imbalance can cause delayed period for months, especially at a young age. Nevertheless, pregnancy is the most common reason for 2 months late period.

  • liseet Reply

    Hello, I had my period may 29-3ed and now it’s been two month going to three that I haven’t gotten my period yes I have been having unprotected sexual act and I took a pregnancy test after I missed my period the first month and negative , and I haven’t taken one yet again but this never ever happens to me the only time it did was when I was pregnant with my son, I was on the pill for 6months then I stopped on March but we don’t use anything else ,

  • XYZ Reply

    I m 44 and from last 3 mths, i did not have periods. I had little discharge(white) from my nipples
    What can be the reason

  • Jen Reply

    Good day. I’m 23 years old. I got my last period June 8 then I went swimming and protected sexual intercourse. Also, took my medicine for anti-allergy. And now still I don’t have my period. 2 months delayed. What can be the possible reason for that?Thank you for the reply.

  • Deepti Reply

    I havent had a period for three months.. M 18 … It has been irregular painful and heavy since i was 14 and i am consulting doctors ever since. The problem got worse when i gained 25 kgs in 8 months and now i am 90 kgs. I get acne too often and i always need to take a pill “regestrone” to make my periods come . Can you help?

  • Brittany Pompell Reply

    Im 26 yrs old I had a period in june around like the 12th or 13th day…it only lasted for 3 days…my periods use to last 5 to 7 days…but it’s been 2 months no period…n when I just got out of the shower…I felt something weird so I went to use the bathroom…then that’s when I noticed a lot of white discharge was coming out…does this mean that I could be pregnant n should I go get a test…

  • erika Reply

    hi i am 21yrs i have 3 missed pieriod and have white milky discharge insted i have tooken several home test and a blood test the last one took it this mornig but i keep geting negative i also feel like a pulse /movement feeling near my belly button iam confuse any advice

  • sorry Reply

    Even I have not got my periods from last two months…that is…I had got my periods on June 10th and now it is 12th of August but still, i have not got my periods…I had unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend on June 17th and again once after a week….but I am getting white discharge….but it was there even before from the time I have got matured….not done any pregnancy tests….should i be worried…or what else I can do to get my periods back? Please help

  • Virginia Finson Reply

    In March I was diagnosed with PCOS and I would still have my periods every month just a week late and my last period was in late June and I should have started by now and I don’t feel nothing. No cramping but I have a thick white sticky discharge that I’ve gotten 2 times this month and 2 times last month. I am worried!!

  • Maruah Robinson Reply

    I’m 19 I haven’t seen my period in 2 months I haven’t took a pregnancy test but I have been having white thick discharge I been feeling weak my body feels like it changing a little

  • roshani Reply

    hy i m 19 i had protected sexual intercourse bt now i hve missed my period and i hve been having white thick discharge what does that mean?

  • Shi Reply

    Hi I am 25 year preparing for competitive exams.. I didn’t get my periods from last 2 months but still I am vergin…from 6 month I gained 5 kg more…

  • Sreemathi Reply

    I am 16. I didnt get period at october and november and i did not interact with sexual. Is there any problem that i didnt get period for 2 months? Will u please help me

    • seru Reply

      same to me

  • seru Reply

    I am of 16.I got periods since 2 months ago but now i get only white periods….
    I am not getting periods..

  • honey Reply

    I am 23 years old and i have not had my period in 3 months, but i have been discharging every day, and its a lot with a strong odor. I am not pregnant, I have taken 2 test and both have came out negative. I have been bloated the past 3 months and I am not sure what is wrong with me.

  • Lisa Reply

    Hi , i’am 33 with two girls already both natural with no meds , started depo in may 2017 stopped in oct 2017 because they were giving it wrong…bled for nov on and off lightly, nothing for dec or jan , took 6 hpt all negative , had blood test done a week ago that was neg as well, still no period, having back pain, light cramping and feeling flutters , also tired , nausea to certain foods and smells , as well as bloating and increase in having to pee…feeling a lil pressure as well , breathing is a lil more heavier …could i still be pregnant and experiencing a cryptic pregnancy? ?

  • anesha bhujel Reply

    I am 25 years old. I took contraceptic pill on december and i got my periods for january but i did not had my periods for the month of february and getting lots of white discharge

  • anesha bhujel Reply

    I am 25 years old. I took contraceptic pill on december and i got my periods for january but i did not had my periods for the month of february and getting lots of white discharge. I took my pregnency test also and iam not pregnent.

  • Simu Reply

    Hi! M simran i had done intercourse on 28dec after that i got my periods 3 january.but now my periods are 2 month delay.i didn’t getting my periods febrary and march month.also there is no pregnancy symtoms.& i didn’t done any intercourse in between this time.so there is no chances of pregnancy.than why i am not getting my periods still now?

  • Karen Kostyk Reply

    I’m 52 and am 28 days late from when my period was supposed to start. Last period lasted 15 days, heavy for 2 days and then on off bleeding/spotting for the other 13. I’ve had white discharge with cramps for over a week. I don’t think I am pregnant.

  • Diamond Reply

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected s*x December 31 and I got my period January 1st. I also had another one January 25th. I didn’t get one in February or this month (March) I have thick white discharge and I feel weird. ( I haven’t taken a pregnancy test)

  • Zara Reply

    Hi there I am 52 yrs ma last periods was 10th March. I had no periods on April but am getting discharge there’s no sign dryness from ma Virginal r hot flushes also no sign of pregnancy I am worried

  • Dorcas Reply

    I havnt have my period for like 3 months now, i visited the pharmacy, and they said i took in contraceptive, thus post-no2 which have caused me from flowing, they gave me some medicines i took them, after a week i saw some blood but not normal as i use to flow, that was last month but this month i havnt flow yet

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