Is Clear Watery Discharge Sign Of Pregnancy?

Is Clear Watery Discharge Sign Of Pregnancy (4 FAQs Revealed)

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Question: Is clear watery discharge sign of pregnancy?

Most women “that are expecting” may easily confuse any change in color and texture of their vaginal discharge as pregnancy.

While expecting mothers will want to learn about their pregnancy as quickly as possible, women “who are not expecting” but involve in unsafe sexual intercourse will panic when they see a clear watery discharge.

The truth is clear watery discharge is a sign of pregnancy and occurs because of elevated hormones in early pregnancy that changes your thick, creamy, sticky vaginal discharge to a more watery fluid-like discharge.

If you have clear watery discharge and you are worried about pregnancy, you are not alone.

Here’s a mail I received from one of my readerswhite vaginal discharge instead of menstrual period

Hi Doc,

I need your advice as am worried am already pregnant. I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend seven days after the end of my period. Today is 22nd of July and I’ve missed my period for about 3 days now.

I’m scared now because I feel pregnant as my breast feels hard and I feel like throwing up all the time. Worse still, I get this watery vaginal discharge that is becoming easily noticeable.

Am I pregnant? Should I take a pregnancy test?

The truth is if you missed your period after having unprotected intercourse during your fertile days, clear watery discharge is a sign of pregnancy.


What makes vaginal discharge to turn watery or fluid-like?

Vaginal discharge can vary in both volume and texture between your menstrual periods, and this occurs because of estrogen rise just after your menstrual period ends.

After the end of your monthly period, your body hormones are usually high (especially estrogen). This causes women vaginal discharge to change thick creamy discharge (that you will notice after your period) to a more watery like discharge (that occurs just days before and during ovulation)watery discharge

While most women will presume watery discharge before period to be abnormal and a pregnancy sign, if your ovulation is delayed, it is possible you will experience this type of vaginal discharge later than expected.

This article explains the causes of clear watery discharge, signs that indicate you are pregnant and when to worry.


Is clear watery discharge a sign of pregnancy?

If you are expecting, then there is every reason to be happy if you’ve missed your period and experiencing a clear vaginal discharge.

During your menstrual cycle, it’s expected that your discharge will become thick and creamy after ovulation and in 2 – 3 days before next period starts, your vagina should feel dry.

However, if you are 2 – 3 days from your next menstrual period and your vaginal discharge are excessive and watery-like, it’s an indication of elevated hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that occurs in early pregnancy.

Fourteen days before next menstrual period, your body produces an egg during ovulation. After ovulation occurs, the ruptured follicle will form the corpus luteum, which continues to produce hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones play different roles in your body and most importantly thickens the uterine endometrium for possible next pregnancy or next period (if you do not get pregnant).

Should you not get pregnant, your body automatically will adjust and your corpus luteum breaks down leading to falling estrogen and progesterone levels.

On the other hand, if you’ve had unsafe sexual intercourse during your fertile days, you can get pregnant. During early pregnancy, the corpus luteum will not break down, leading to the continuous production of estrogen and progesterone.

This elevated hormones will make you feel pregnancy symptoms and changes your expected thick discharge before menstrual period to a more watery vaginal discharge.

Bonus Tip: You may be pregnant without knowing. Watch this 1-Minute-Video to Discover 16 Most common Pregnancy Signs

Other symptoms you experience in early pregnancy are

1.  Implantation bleeding and crampingfertilization symptoms abdominal pain

Apart from excessive watery discharge, spotting that occurs a few days earlier before period is an early pregnancy sign.

This occurs because your baby (embryo) burrows into the thickened endometrium about a week from your next period and causes bleeding as the baby is attached to the endometrium.

If you experienced this kind of light spotting with abdominal pain a few days before period and a then miss your period, it’s a sign you are pregnant.

2.  Breast feels painfulbreast pain

Depending on how long you’ve been pregnant, you may or may not feel breast changes.

While some women will quickly see changes even before missing their menstrual period, it may take days to weeks after missing period to feel breast changes.

If you are pregnant, you will notice tenderness in your breast, especially on the sides. As pregnancy advances, your breast will grow bigger and get more painful when touched.

Itchy nipples, darkened skin around your nipples (areola), and breast pain will occur when you are pregnant.

3.  You feel very tired

If you noticed increased weakness just before period or after a delayed period, it could be pregnancy. Pregnancy works by reducing your blood pressure and further lowering your blood sugar. This can easily make you feel tired and exhausted.

4. Raised basal body temperature (BBT)

Another sign of pregnancy is a raised basal body temperature around your next menstrual period.

Before having any exercise or getting up from the bed in the morning, if you consistently check your body temperature, you can tell if you are pregnant or not.

After your period ends, your basal body temperature is usually low and increases slightly after ovulation. If you are not pregnant, and just before your next period, your basal temperature will fall due to a drop in progesterone.

If your basal body temperature is still raised before your next period, it’s a sign you may be pregnant.

Other symptoms of pregnancy are

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Change in Mood
  • Dizziness
  • Food cravings and aversion

What to Do?pregnancy test

If you think you are pregnant, it’s best you confirm with a pregnancy test. Usually, if you’ve already missed your period for seven days now, you will most likely get an accurate result.

On the other hand, a quick test before your period may come out negative. This is not 100 percent accurate as hormones are still low at this stage of pregnancy.

It’s best to take a pregnancy test after missing menstrual period.


What if I’m not pregnant?

If you are not pregnant, you should know there are other reasons you will experience a watery discharge.

This guide explains non-pregnant reasons women experience watery discharge and when to worry.

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  • Kayla Reply

    Hi doc,
    I’m currently 4 days late on my period and have no symptoms of it showing up. The last couple days I’ve been extremely exhausted, mild headache, horrible lower back ache, dizziness and mood swings. I was having some trouble yesterday catching my breath so my partner took me to the hospital. They did a bunch of labs and my urine sample came back negative and blood test as well. Today I keep feeling like I’m going to the bathroom in my underwear or like I’ve started my period but it’s always like water. My cervix is low and squishy and very wet. Could I possibly be pregnant still or Ian it just a missed period?

  • Milan Martin Reply

    Hi!! I think I ovulated late this month (6/23) and my expected period(6/26).. But no af!!! Have been experiencing watery discharge.. So I took a test 2 days after my expected period but it was neg.. Now I’m 9 days late and don’t wanna test again until next wk.. Could I be pregnant??

    • Dr. Dunn (M.B.B.S) Reply

      Missed period is always a clear sign of pregnancy. Take a test. No need to keep waiting.

  • Kiara kyle Reply

    Hey doctor I been having headaches in teeth ache in I been peeing a lot in shiting a lot in I been having back pain in stomach pain in I be having these stabbing pain in my Titties in I be pass gas a lot in I been itching all over in I been throwing up in my mouth but it never come out in I be having dizziness in I be having pain under my stomach area in watery discharge in it was kind of pink or red n there in some brown clear discharge

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