5 Weeks Pregnant No Symptoms At All, Should I Be Worried?

5 Weeks Pregnant No Symptoms At All, Should I Be Worried

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Question: 5 weeks pregnant no symptoms, should I be worried?

After many months of trying, you are now happy you’ve finally tested positive for pregnancy.

Talking you your partner or close friend may be your next action. But wait, you are not having any symptoms of pregnancy and confused if you are actually pregnant.

The truth is, if you’ve tested positive for pregnancy after missing your period, it just means you have a baby coming.

However, there are other reasons you could get a positive test without being pregnant.

If you are a week past your period now and yet to confirm pregnancy, it’s important you get a test right away. A missed period does not always mean you are pregnant, so test to confirm.

At five weeks, a lot of women will have started noticing pregnancy signs as soon as after implantation.

You should know that, when you get pregnant, your body releases progesterone and estrogen.

These hormones act by causing changes in your breast, mood, vaginal discharge, and body strength. These hormones are the reason why you get pregnancy symptom in the first place.

Pregnancy symptoms may occur very early in some women before they miss their period. In others, it may take a while for symptoms to appear after testing positive for pregnancy.

Frequently, in about 30 percent of women that conceive, bloody discharge days before period may be your first pregnancy sign. This is because, as your baby attaches to the endometrium, it causes bleeding and mixes with your discharge.

Don’t forget, your five weeks pregnancy means you’ve missed period for a week now. And at this stage, some women will not still get these symptoms.

The truth is there is no reason to panic. If you are indeed pregnant, symptoms will definitely show in few days time.

If you’ve already tested positive for pregnancy, it means your body’s HCG hormone is sufficient enough to be detected.

On the other hand, vaginal bleeding with clots at five weeks without symptoms of pregnancy is a sign you are having a miscarriage.

A lot of women that are pregnant may not even know when a miscarriage occurs. Research says it could be as high as 50 percent in the first three months of pregnancy.

This article explains the reasons you are five weeks pregnant with no symptoms, what to do, and when it’s important you talk to a doctor.


What causes 5 weeks pregnant no symptoms?

If you are five weeks pregnant and not yet having signs of pregnancy, these are possible reasons

1.  Normal pregnancy

You are probably wondering if it’s possible you will be pregnant without having pregnancy symptoms. The truth is, it’s possible.

While it’s feasible some women will not get symptoms till a later date, others will not even recognize pregnancy symptoms.

One of my readers (Name Withheld) sent me a mail and asking why she is six weeks into her pregnancy without having any symptoms.

On the contrary, she had nausea and noticed she was getting too weak recently. She did not even know that’s a sign.

Here are common symptoms you will get if pregnant at five weeks

Implantation bleeding

This is could easily be seen and ignored as an early period. It’s a light spotting you may see on your panties a few days before your period.

Usually, the blood is dark in color, though some women have experience light red spotting.

This dark spotting that you see is because, after fertilization, your baby (embryo) will be attached to the endometrium where it gets nourished and increase in size.

This spotting is a pregnant sign and can easily be missed.

Breast pain

Breast changes are easily noticeable as they could start showing up days before you missed period.

Before missing your period, if pregnant, your body hormones – estrogen and progesterone, will become elevated and cause changes to your breast.

You will notice your breast are now slightly tender and continue to increase in size during pregnancy

It’s not just size that changes; your breast may hurt so much when accidentally touched. You may also begin to see stretch marks on your breast as they continue to grow.

If you are yet to get these changes, you don’t have to worry. You will surely experience them and any of these could help

  • Using a cotton made bra when you are sleeping
  • Inform your partner of pain you have in your breast are and ask he avoids those place for the time being
  • Use a well-fitted maternity bra
  • If pains continue and become so severe, or you are now noticing a lump in your breast, you should talk to your doctor.

You now feel too weak

Have you noticed recently that you can’t get going easily and want to rest after light activity?

If so, there is a chance you are already pregnant.

Other pregnancy symptoms you will get are

  • Mild belly pain
  • Food aversion
  • Increased frequency of urinating
  • Change in your mood
  • Missing your period
  • Positive pregnancy test (Blood or urine)

The truth is, at 5 weeks, missing your period is the most reliable sign you may be pregnant. So don’t panic if you’ve missed period and test positive, you are actually pregnant.

2.  False positive pregnancy test

There are many actions expecting mother could take that could cause a pregnancy test to be positive when you’ve not conceived. They include

Injections you are taking from a fertility clinic to boost your pregnancy chances. These injections will increase HCG hormones in your blood and urine making your test come out positive.

If you ‘ve not heeded to instructions written on your test strip, it’s possible you can get a false positive pregnancy test. If a test is read after a very long time, you may see a faint line when you are not actually pregnant.

Also, drugs for allergies and cold, promethazine may cause high HCG hormone.

3. Miscarriage

About 1 out of 10 identified pregnancies will end up in a miscarriage.

If you get a miscarriage, you will most likely see vagina blood with abdominal pain. However, there are women that will miscarry without any bleeding (missed miscarriage).

If you already had any of these symptoms and you don’t feel pregnant anymore, there is a chance you are having a miscarriage.

Talk to your doctor


When to worry if I’m 5 weeks pregnant with no symptoms

  • You experience heavy vaginal bleeding with blood clots coming out. This may be due to pregnancy loss so let your doctor know.
  • You are having period like cramps yet no period coming
  • You are feeling dizzy and have faint attack
  • Your HCG level is falling instead of rising.




5 weeks pregnant no symptoms anymore except cramping

If you experience cramping pain in your abdomen, that’s a pregnancy sign especially after you’ve missed your period.

It’s best to take a pregnancy test if you’ve not confirmed pregnancy. If you test positive, there is no need to worry. Mild cramps and abdominal discomfort are not unusual in pregnancy.

5 weeks pregnant symptoms come and go

Yes, it’s okay if you don’t get all symptoms every time of the day. Some symptoms may be worse in the morning and subside as you get towards the evening.

Provided you are not having severe cramp and vaginal bleeding; it’s not abnormal

5 weeks pregnant no symptoms low HCG

According to American pregnancy association, HCG level at five weeks is about 18 – 7340 mIU/ml.

Then again, this does not mean your pregnancy will end in any complications if it’s not at this level. It’s just an estimated value, and your pregnancy may still go on without complications.

However, low HCG level that is falling to pre-pregnancy levels is a sign you are having a miscarriage.


Still worried why you get no symptoms yet at 5 weeks? Talk to us!!!

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