What Causes Black Period Blood Before Or After Period?

black period blood or discharge

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Do you have black period blood at beginning of period? Are you worried your period is getting darker than normal? Do you feel your dark period is due to pregnancy or a medical problem?

Black menstruation on the first day of period is mostly normal for most women. It occurs as blood loses oxygen and get darker, brownish or black in color. While it’s most likely not a problem, it may be due to an underlying health problem.

This article explains the causes of black blood during period and when to worry about it.


Why is my period blood black or dark?

Blood during menses can be — light, bright red, brown or black. Oxygenated blood is bright red in color while deoxygenated blood means that there is reduced or no oxygen making blood to be black or brown colored.


What causes black period blood?

These are the reasons you may see a dark period blood

1.  Normal period

During your period, it is normal to see black blood coming out of your vagina before the start or after your period. Black blood before your period starts is due to the removal of old tissues of the endometrium from your uterus in preparation for your period.

Some women may notice a dark brown discharge before period or a black discharge. This is normal and there is no need to worry about it.

Also, dark period blood can occur days after your period ends. This is due to the removal of endometrial tissues not removed during your period. This black blood from vagina resolves in a few days without any smell or itching.

What to do if you notice dark blood before and after period?

Normal black blood before or after your period does not last long. It does not smell or cause any vaginal itching. It resolves in a few days.

However, if you had an abnormally heavy period or with vaginal pain, smell or itching, then it’s time to let your doctor know.

2.  Uterine fibroidfibroid

These are abnormal growth in the uterus that can be small or huge affecting fertility in women sometimes. They can also cause heavy prolonged periods with black colored blood. There are different fibroids types.

  • The submucous fibroid – Found beneath the endometrium and can result in dark blood with clots.
  • Fibroid polyps– These are polyps attached to the uterine wall that can cause bleeding
  • An intramural fibroid is found in the muscle of the uterus

The submucous fibroid cause women to bleed heavily sometimes. This can result in dark period blood.

What should I do?

inform your doctor if you have any of these fibroid symptoms.

  • Heavy prolonged bleeding in between periods
  • Body weakness or fatigue during a heavy period
  • Black period blood with large period clots
  • Abdominal swelling with feeling a hard mass inside
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant for years

While trying to inform your doctor, these vitamins for heavy periods may help — Vitamin A, B, C, D, and Iron.

3.  Uterine polyps

Sometimes uterine polyps may be the reason why you have a black period blood. A uterine polyp can obstruct the cervix resulting in accumulation of blood in the uterus. This can cause blood to become dark while coming out of your vagina.

4.  Hormonal imbalance

Fluctuations in hormones either due to a medical condition or months after you start your period for the first time can cause women to have bleeding in between periods that can be black or dark.

In young women, this resolves in a few years as you grow older.

5.  Ovulation

Ovulation is the rupture of a developed follicle in the ovary with the release of egg or ovum. This egg, when fertilized by the sperm, make you pregnant.

During this rupture and release of the ovum, slight bleeding comes out from the vagina as dark black blood about a week after period ends. It is a sign that you’ve ovulated and usually stops in a few days with some cramps.

If you experience black blood in the middle of your menstrual cycle, then it’s likely because you are ovulating. Other symptoms and signs of ovulation are

  • Ovulation cramps or pain
  • Stretchy clear watery discharge
  • Increased body temperature after ovulation
  • Slight dip in basal body temperature just before ovulation
  • Increased sexual desire

Black blood due to ovulation is usually not a problem and resolves in a few days.

6.  Pregnancy

If you notice brown black blood a week or days before period, it may be due to implantation bleeding or pregnancy.

Implantation occurs when a fertilized egg released during ovulation burrows into the inner covering of the uterus. While it’s not common in every pregnancy, it’s an early pregnancy sign if you’ve had intercourse without any contraception.

Many other signs of pregnancy include body weakness and feeling very tired, mild abdomen cramps, change in your mood and activity, breast tenderness and soreness.


7 Reasons to worry about your dark period blood

  • It occurs every time during your period
  • It occurs anytime you have intercourse. This may be due to a polyp obstructing your cervix.
  • Your abdomen gets bigger. This may be due to a large fibroid mass.
  • Your period lasting 2, 3, 4 weeks with very large blood clots during period
  • You experience a vaginal odor or itching down there. Smelly vagina may be a sign of an infection
  • You are more than 40 years with black blood from your vagina. Dark blood from your vagina after menopause may be a sign of endometrial cancer or hyperplasia. Inform your doctor ASAP.
  • You inserted an Intrauterine device and you have black blood coming out. You should inform your doctor.

Dark period blood infographics

Frequently Asked Questions about black period

The truth is that most women get very scared when they notice black blood from their vagina either after period ends or before it starts. Here are some common black period questions from our community.

What does it mean when your period is black or dark?

Period black blood is old blood coming out of your vagina. It could be due to the inability of the uterus to remove all endometrial tissues during last menstruation.

Why is my period black at the beginning of my period (First day)?

If you’ve started your period and notice black blood coming out on the first day, then it may not be abnormal. Old black blood, due to endometrial tissue not expelled during the previous period, may be expelled at the beginning of period.

Also, during menstruation, periods may be heavy with some clots in the first few days too. This gradually gets lighter as your period ends.

Black period blood, I’m I pregnant?

If you are worried that you may be pregnant because of black blood from the vagina, then you should get a test done. Also, if you’ve had a missed period and notice black or dark blood coming out, it could mean implantation bleeding or a miscarriage.

Other symptoms of pregnancy are — abdomen cramps, nausea, getting tired easily, problems with smell and taste and breast pain. Get a pregnancy test done to confirm.

What causes black blood before period?

Black blood before period is due to old tissues from previous period being expelled. However, other causes are

  • Ovulation — if black blood occurs 2 weeks before period
  • Vaginal infections
  • Uterine polyps
  • Uterine fibroid

What causes black period blood on the pill or IUD?

Do you experience any black discharge or black blood after just starting a pill? Did you miss your pill for a day or stopped taking it? Are you worried about bleeding in between periods on birth control pills?

Bleeding in the first few months after starting contraceptive pill is usually because your body is adjusting to your pills.

After a few months, it resolves. You should inform your doctor if you have large period clots or get uncomfortable with your contraceptive plan.


Still worried why your period is black on the first day of period? Let us know.

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  • TI Reply

    Thanks for the info doc…I usually worry about my period being dark at the beginning of my cycle;I’m glad its normal and I have nothing to worry about. Keep up with the good work.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Glad we could help
      If your period is dark on the first day of period, then there is no reason to worry. As your period ends, it gets lighter.

      Let us know if there is any help u need.

      • Lee Reply

        hi. I have this issuw from few months now. Day before my periods i got a blackish/brownish blood and clots and with acidity in vagaina.

      • Amanda McGregor Reply

        I had 2 eptopic ruptures, 19 months ago, have has bleeding 15 out of the 19 months, have tried everything to stop it, and now in a waiting list for a hystorectomy. Am having very dark red/ black bleeding atm and server pain, can’t take heavy pain meds as I have a 3 ur old to look after , should I be concerned,

        • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

          Sorry to know you are having a hysterectomy in few weeks time. For sure, after the surgery, bleeding will stop. Recurrent ectopic pregnancy can be dangerous because may damage your tubes. Surely, there is something else causing your heavy bleeding (not the previous ectopic). So let me know what it is before I could assist further. Any fibroid, endometrial hyprplasia.?

          Hope this helps.

          • Kaysha

            Hi I’m 24 years old and just had a baby in June I recently started bleeding dark brown then black blood out of my vagina. It’s been going on for about two weeks and I had a depo shot after my c section but haven’t gotten one again. I think I may be pregnant or am I having a miscarriage. Please help me doc.

      • olivia Reply

        I got my last period on the 22 of august and finished in 27 and about a week after my discharge looked like cottage cheese stained with blood.am supposed to get another period in the 22nd of this September so am not yet due for it but have been bleeding black blood since about 2-3 days and I have back pain.I don’t think its my period coming earlier because I don’t have symptoms such as breast pain when am close to my period and my boobs aren’t fuller as they should be.Note:I had unprotected sex a day before the black blood started. I already went to see a doctor they had me do pregnancy test and while they collect my samples I saw my blood was black too.please am worried and I need answers Asap.Thanks.

  • Shannon Reply

    Hi for the first time since I’ve gotten my period 9 years ago my period has been black for two days now and it is pretty heavy. I am having cramps but they’re not horrible. What is is the headaches and back pain I have been experiencing. I can’t wait for the pain to just go away. I am on nexplanon, and have been for almost two years, and never have experienced this type of period either. I have had unprotected sex because being on birth control I am not worried about getting pregnant but this happening now I can admit I am worried. I do have hpv and had biopsies done and know i have severe precancerous cells in my cervix. My friend believes I might be pregnant because she feels this is how it all was when I got pregnant with my son two years ago. I’m just very confused and worried. Should I make an appointment or just wait another day and see if it goes back to being a normal period? Any advice you can give me would be absolutely appreciated and great. Thank you in advance

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Im sorry about that..
      Nexplanon could work to prevent pregnancy for about 2-3years..while i think these are symptoms of a miscarriage..i wont be very sure till an examination and other minor test are done..

      Its vital to see your doctor ASAP

      • Shannon Reply

        Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I’m very grateful for that. So with me being on nexplanon you think it could honestly be possible I am miscarriaging right now? I just never thought it wold be possible for me to get pregnant at all being on nexplanon. How could you even tell someone had a miscarriage? I just feel so lost and confused right now. Could it be possible it’s nothing and my period will just return back to normal after another day or two?

        • Dr Dunn A. Reply

          Nexplanon is effecrive and can prevent pregnancy for a duration of 2 to 3 years.

          While you can be certain if its a miscarriege, pregnancy, normal period or side effects of birth control..heavy bleeding once in a while is a side effect..

          It’s important you talk to your doctor for possible reason..Being able to examine and check for aome signs are impossible online..

          You can share your experiences with other women here after your consult…

          Let us know if there are any ways we could help…

          • Shannon

            Yes, I understand and I know there’s no way someone on online can be able to tell me what’s truly going on without an examination and test. I just wanted your opinion on what you thought was happening to me. Thank you so much. Its very nice to have someone who so quickly responds, and takes time out to help others. I appreciate it alot.

  • Siti Reply

    Dear Doc

    My menses cycle is 27 days and on the 1st day of my menses i have a black blood.
    It last till 6 days. 2nd day of menses, its normal red blood.
    Am I pregnant?

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      it’s okay if your period lasts for 3 to 7 days. It’s normal for most women. You are not pregnant. However, if you’ve had signs of pregnancy, you should check with your doctor to confirm if you have a miscarriage or and ectopic pregnancy. Having black period on first day is not a concern in most cases. It could reoccur in some women after period.


  • Jessica Reply

    Thank you for this. About 6 months ago I experienced black blood and my period came earlier. This month it’s happening again. Woke up this morning with black blood on my pants and it’s scanty. I am not on any pills and I have never had sex. The blood has no odor and there’s just a little lower abdominal pain. What does this mean?

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      How old are you..? Early after 13 -16 years when period starts for the first time ever, you could have a hormone imbalance that may affect estrogen and progesterone levels.

      So, if you’ve not had sexual intercourse before you should not worry about pregnancy.

      It could be due to ovulation bleeding, stress, removal of old endometrial tissues or something not so serious.

  • Lavender Reply

    Thanks for this. I Had a fribriod surgery September last year. And my period has been inconsistent and the flow is slow. From 11th of March, to 9th April, to 15th May to 20th June, I’m 35+ and I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over 2years +. I had a slow flow yesterday and I noticed black blood. I am a bit scared..
    Should I be worried?

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Slow flow? or light period? Your menstrual cycle seems to be more than 30 days. This is not abnormal as it could vary between 21 and 35 days.
      If you’re are having a persistent light period or heavy period it could indicate other problem. However, in most cases, a recently black period blood either before or after your period may not mean much.
      It’s normal to panic if you are trying to conceive. But you shouldn’t. A large fibroid and depending on its location may cause infertility. After a surgery, your chances should improve. Goodluck.

  • Pat Reply

    For months now, Prior to my period, I experience sharp stomach pains and also black blood on the first day of my period. I don’t know what it is.

    Can infection result in loss of weight?

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      It’s not abnormal to have pain on the first day of period. Some women will have severe cramps. However, your next days or towards the end of period, you will feel better
      A danger sign could be pain before and after a period. It could be to pelvic inflammatory disease.

  • anonymous Reply

    Hi Doc,
    We had sexual intercourse 2weeks ago. The condom ruptured inside the vagina. Now that period started it had normal black blood discharge(without spot and light odor) followed by normal blood discharge. Earlier we had unprotected intercourse and have taken contraceptive pill. How would one know if she is pregnant and it’s implantation bleeding? When does the implantation bleeding occur by days after having intercourse? Or how many days the implantation bleeding lasts? Thank you.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      If you took the pill after intercourse, it could cause vaginal spotting. I believe that what you have except pills were not taken as early as possible.

      On the other hand, Implantation bleeding does not continue more than three days. In most women, it’s just light spotting with belly cramps.

  • Angel Reply

    Doc can you please help

    I had a normal period for 7 days
    During that time my husband and I did have intercourse twice

    2 weeks later i started bleeding but it’s brown black bleeding not as much as a normal period it’s less
    Can u tell me why that might be lasted almost 4 days

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      You don’t have to panic. If you have mild spotting for a few days it could be due to ovulation spotting and occurs 2 weeks from your next period.
      You did not indicate if bleeding is period-like? heavy bleeding may mean something different. if you have light spotting for a few days, just don’t panic again, ovulation or old black blood will stop in few days time.
      On the other hand, depending on the length of your menstrual cycle, you could still get pregnant with intercourse in your period. Just be sure you don’t have a short cycle. If you do, it could indicate implantation spotting. The best bet is to wait for a week and check for pregnancy.
      Hope this helps. Goodluck.

  • Tooba Reply

    Hope I too can get some help
    I used to have periods for 7 days with normal flow from day 1.it’s been 1 year now my period starts with spotting and white discharge on second and third day I have black blood fourth and fifth day very heavy bleeding then the rest days normal and the end day again black blood. My periods last for 10 days now. I am 25 and mother of two. . My cycle is very regular too exactly 30 days no issues with that.
    Not using any pills.
    Is it normal to have this kind of periods?

  • layoh Reply

    Please doctor, my period was black blood all through, and it lasted for 4days with cramp, please what could be the cause

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      If you are experiencing severe cramps during period, it could be due to endometriosis. Do you experience any form of spotting or abdominal pain between your period? If not, then it may not be serious?

  • Elizabeth Reply

    Hi there I’m just a bit concerned about my last couple of periods in do get them on time my cycle is very regular every 25 days and last for 5 days, this month it has been a very light flow from the start an very dark from the start with black clotting which has never ever happened before I have had nothing but problems really since I got my tubes tied almost 9 yes ago

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Sorry about the way you feel, if you have light spotting and black blood coming out later, it’s not abnormal. If the uterus does not push out blood out during menstruation, some blood will stay up in the uterus get deoxygenated and come out black colored.

      While its possible there are not issues, you can read this guide on tubal ligation complications.

      Its possible some women will still get pregnant after tying up your tubes. It may lead to ectopic pregnancy. Here are the symptoms and signs

  • Anonymous Reply

    Dear Doc,
    I had a surgery for removal of endometriosis next to my left Fallopian tube on may 18th. They couldn’t tell it was endometriosis from looking at it they had to get a biopsy because it wasn’t the chocolate syrup look any endometriosis would have. Before the surgery, they thought it was a left complex ovarian cyst on my left ovary. And last month I had two periods less than a week apart from one another … and they said that that was normal from the surgery… this month starting last night I had my period for this month but it’s black today it was just starting yesterday night so I couldn’t tell yet that it was black. But I’m normally a very light bleeder or mild sometimes. I am on the nexplanon since April 2016 so it’s been a little over a year. But today my period is black and I do have the birth control and I had a lot of unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend. We had clamydia and got it cleared up before having intercourse before all of this. And I’m wondering and worried if I’m pregnant or have fibroids because that’s what I read it might be online and I already had endometriosis removed from me it was only that one small mass of 2cm under my tube but not touching and they said it could have damaged my tube but it seemed fine it was just really close and during surgery they had to carefully move it to the side to get to my mass so if I’m pregnant and the egg came from my left ovary I’m worried, is it ectopic? And when I say I have black blood it’s quick a lot on my pad but not over flooded and I had slight cramps today at both my jobs I work at Walmart and grottos.

  • Jerica D Chappell Reply

    I’m 35 I saw my last cycle June 10,2017 me and my partner last did something June 24 and 25 unprotected my next cycle finally came on July 10,2017. When it came on it came on normal red like it should, but the next day after it was black. What does that mean??

    • Cristina Reply

      This is the same question I have, almost! I wish there was an answer to read.

      • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

        Hi, Christina, it’s not something to worry about also. Normally, blood comes out of your vagina in a red color during a period, and this means your endometrium is wash out and quickly as blood comes out. If blood flow becomes heavy, usually in the first and second day, some blood may become stuck if there is a fibroid polyp or large fibroid causing blood not to be expelled through your vagina. This may result in a black period blood some times.
        At other times, you may not be having adequate contractions.especially in older women that experience mild cramps during menstruation. If this happens, it could also cause blood to delay in your womb and turn black in color. In all, if your period is not lasting more than a week and you don’t have an excruciating pain, it may not be anything serious.

  • Leme Reply

    Hi. I have been having brown bleeding following with black dark brown string like clots, some big, it started June 9″ and I was expecting my period June 14-16 I usually have it for 5 days, however this brown bleeding has been going on for 5 days now what could this be?

  • anonymous Reply

    Dear Dr. Dunn,
    I have had an IUD since the birth of my last child in May 2015. My mother had severe displasia when she was 30 and had to have her ovaries removed. I’m 36, and for the past 8 months or so Ive been experiencing very light periods. Which isn’t my norm. And the blood is black and clotty the entire time. I also have very sharp pains in my ovaries that can occur at any time during the month. It’s not consistent but very sharp and piercing when it occurs. And lately I’ve been suffering from terrible back pain in the center of my lower back all the time. I have no idea if these things are related to normal IUD issues or if it could be something else. Have you ever seen symptoms like this before?

  • Anna Reply

    Hi. I’ve got a problem that worries me. My period is regular but this last two months it was late and extremely painful. Very bad cramps, headaches and cold sweat. Also the whole period I’ve had black blood with lots of clots. I am a 21 year old women, very active and full of energy. But this worries me. Could this be a sign of some sort of abnormality? Please give some advice. Would be very thankful.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      It’s important you inform your doctor, very bad cramps and blood clots could mean endometriosis, a fibroid or something else.

  • Rumina Reply

    Hi, I have always been like a clock on my period, 6-7 day periods. More than a year ago I had a miscarriage after 40 days my period came back and all normal for 3 months. After, my period started to be crazy, some times lasts 2 weeks, some times 3 days and it comes with very sore breasts and enlargement in a big way. The first months was pink and brown blood…. the last months the blood has been dark and clots, actually is more clots than blood, only once was red… actually my last period (but still I had black brown blood) also cramping. I am trying to conceive since then.. but no luck. I get exams done and they all turn ok… I just feel something is not ok. I want to try IVF, but don’t even know if that can be the best to do? I start to be worried and want to be a mum… I am 38. And doctors tell me I just need to relax and keep trying to have baby….. Thank you in advance!

  • Michelle Cabrera Reply

    Im 37 and im on pills after done of my contraceptive pills im having a black discharge for 4 days already.i dont know whats really going on.pls.help me

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Hi Michelle Cabrera, I’ve already written on black discharge here. Contraceptive causes black spotting for days if you just started out. Depending on your uterus and if blood comes out quickly, bright red spotting may turn black.

      Let me know if you are still confused. Will surely help.

  • Erika Bautista Reply

    Hi doc im 29 y/o single what if my menstruation starts with a brown to black blood with just a light flow but it almost last for 10days now and still ongoing?! Im an irregular one and this past few months im having my menstruation with brown period only and light flow lasting for almost 3 weeks and stop for a week or 2 and come back again.

  • Mitchell Reply

    Hie doc, l have a lower left abdominal pain before and through out my period. My period is black within the first 2days. What can be the causes. My gynecologist is suspecting endometriosis so l need a second opinion. Mitchell

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Yes, it could be endometriosis, though, most times, women will have pain. It’s also possible women that have endometriosis will not have pain or may experience mild pain before and during menstrual periods.

      Have you had an abdominal scan? You can share, so I help better

  • Shil Reply

    Hi doc, last month I had my periods on 21st June. From 2nd Aug to 5th Aug, I had black discharge from my vagina. Slight spots of black blood on my pad. I thought I had this instead of regular period bleeding. But today (15th Aug) I got my periods with red blood. Pls let me know if this is normal. I’m 30 years old and not under any medication.

  • Diane Reply

    Hi! i have a dark brown period in my 1st day and feeling dizzy. Should i feel concerned about it or this is just normal.

    Thank you.

  • Cookita Reply

    I’m 27yrs old and haven’t menstruated in over 10years until May this year. This means that I’ve been menstruating for only 4yrs in my entire life since I started menstruating at 13.My period didn’t come in June or July but it came yesterday. I’ve done several hormonal based tests and every doctor concluded that my ovaries are in menopausal mode , I have no eggs and can’t get pregnant. I did notice the really black looking blood on day 1 since my period returned this year and I figured that this is normal. However, is it normal to get a period again after 10years? I’ve had no surgeries no kids no IUD’s, no cysts or fibroids.

  • preety Reply

    i do have light period, with black spot in first day and later minimum amount for my second and third(brown/ red) of period. later on 4th and 5th i have my clear bleeding but not heavy flow. This change of symptom I have seen since quite a couple of months by now. Earlier i never had dese problem. i am a girl of 27yrs age. plz specify the reasons and advise.
    thank u

  • beauty Reply

    hi doc i need help I did abortion for over three months now and I am seeing my period now but black and with heavy pain for over one week going to two week it is normal

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      That’s a long time. How long is your period? IS it lighter or heavier than it should? How many days did it last? Was it black throughout or not? Any fetal tissue coming out? Any blood clots?

      Usually after an abortion, black period comes out as old blood is washed out. So, it’s nothing serious. However, if this is 3 months after, it could mean you still have retained product of conception. If you do, your uterus will contract and cause you to feel a sharp lower abdominal pain.

      Take an abdominal scan and please let me know so I can help you more. Thanks

  • Breannajades22 Reply

    I have been having black blood instead of normal red, this is the second time now and it seems to only last 4 days.
    Had abdominal pains for over 2 months also with a few sharp pains under my ribs.
    Can someone please help?

  • Help please! Reply

    Im 37 and had heavy bleeding and clots for several years before I was finally believed. In 2015, I had fibroids and endometriosis (stage 2 & 3) removed.
    Since my surgery I’ve noticed my periods are so much lesser and last 3 to 5 days as opposed to a whole week.
    I have also noticed the colour change. I previously had fresh heavy bleeding. And now my whole period is blackish, from start to finish. It accompanies a smell too. It’s been 2.5years since surgery.
    I initially spoke to my gynae doc and was told it’s normal (few months after surgery), but I’m getting concerned now.
    I’ve only ever had 1 sexual partner (husband).
    Should I be concerned?

  • c Reply

    I have had unprotected s*x with my partner. She had some dark spot on fourth day from having sex.Thenafter she took contraceptive pill after 72 hours. She got periods seven days early than her cycle. The blood is black in color. What can it be…can u plz guide us…?

  • Zee Reply

    i had a brownish discharge a day to my period. The next day my period started and it’s dark. I removed a lump from my breast and the doctor prescribed ciprofloxacin which i just finished using. Could it be the cause of my dark me situation or will it stop later on

  • Tina Reply

    Hi.. I have fibroid n I take pill contraceptive…I’m 26 with one child…. For the past two months I have noticed that from the start to the finish of my period the blood color is dark brown or black…n this month the cramps are worse..could you tell me what you think is wrong..

  • B Reply

    I’m 24 and I have black period but not at first… my first day in period is quiet normal but the rest is black and very little amount
    also i get severe pain at the beginning that prevents me from eating or drinking all the day and the next day i suffer from stomach distress and I have checked for ovarian cysts but it wasn’t found

    • B Reply

      Thanks indeed

  • Tina Reply

    Good day doctor last year I did a ultra sound and I found out I have a cyst now am worried because doctor told me I need of no medication or surgery it will go away on its own I can’t believe that it will go away on its own I know it’s there by when I have sex on my right side it hurts after s*x for a bout 2 day is there anything u can tell me about a cyst.thank u

  • Jennifer Reply

    I’ve been having irregular periods since about June every 15 days. And a lot of pelvic pain since then also. I saw a couple Obgyn’s and they gave me antibiotics 3 times but The pain never went away. The last dr did an ultrasound but said he couldn’t see clearly because I was on my period. My last period was 17 days apart and 2 days of really black blood. I went back to see an obgyn a new one before my period she said my cervix didn’t look normal and more testing needed to be done. I’ve had major chronic fatigue since June and vaginal pain and pelvic pain. I’m a little concerned they said my hormones were normal. I had my son c section 14 months ago. I’m not sure what to do at this point I’m concerned after my last exam still waiting on results

  • Sugandh Rastogi Reply

    I am nearing 40 and since the last few cycles I have been experiencing burning in my vagina during and before the start of period. Also, this time my period does not seem to be normal. It is dark, thick, scanty technically it is all clots. Is this an indication of a problem. Kindly suggest

  • Chidera Judith Ohaneje Reply

    Good day Dr, I have been having irregular menses since childhood.I see my menses every 3 months and it starts with very dark blood gradually it will normalize but the black blood will be for about a week because my menses last for about 3 weeks or a month. I went to the hospital and the Dr said it was PCOS and hormonal imbalance and I was placed on contraspective drugs everyday but am tired of taking it…. The drugs make me flow every month but if I don’t take it I will not flow…. Pls I need advice should I continue with the contraspective drugs and is the diagnosis correct.

  • sonia Reply

    lately my periods seem to last about 7 days and are very strong ( as in alot of blood) alot of huge black clots and my stomach feels like it is about to burst( bloating and swelling even without eating anything getting worse as the day goes along) with some abdominal pain and a lot of discomfort and brown to near black blood for the last few days ! then i will have a week’s rest and it starts again .
    Have also noticed that when having sex in certain positions it feels like my ovary on my left hand side is being stabbed ( sharp stabbing pain) ! and the next day there is traces of blood.
    tension headaches, weight lose,always tired, mood swings.
    i am getting a little worried now 🙁


    Hi doc,please help me what cause the dark/black blood during my last days of menstruation,and this blood hd an bad odor and my vagina is itching.please help me is this normal or I hv an inflection?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Yes, most likely you have an infection down there. see your doctor for testing

  • uduak ken Reply

    Please doctor i just had an unprotected s*x with my fiance after a day he started urinating blood please doctor what could be the cause he has started abusing me already

  • Shiela Reply

    Hi Doc,pls help me ,there is a black/brownish blood come out in my Vagina but not much.But lastnight i experienced light abdominal pain/cramps.i assumed my period will start next week…
    Is this normal? Or a sign of pregnancy?

  • Philly Reply

    Hello doctor

    Two days before I started seeing what I wud probably call brown period , I have been having brown discharge on my pants …then the third day , it started as my periods but very brown ,dark brown ..I’m really scared cos I don’t know what to call this ..Eight days before , I had itchy in my vagina and had to use insertion tablet for just two days to stop the itchy, then I had s*x with my boyfriend but we practise withdrawal method …so if I’m not pregnant what could be the cause of this brown stuff? Thank you sir

  • jessa Reply

    hi! good day .. i am so sacred when I saw black blood in my first day of menstruation but in the following its normal. I am 20 yrs old. and never experience sex. i haven’t feel pain in my stomach just nothing only i just worried what black blood means, its almost 3 months i experience same routine. Please Help me Sir!!! thank you..

  • Chrissy Reply

    Hi. My periods are regular at most 1 day off sometimes this am i felt wet down there amd when i looked down there was blood all over mylegs n panties. I had clots that were anywhere from the size of the palm of my hand to a little earthworm shape. The blood was black and when i put a tampon in it was full in under 30 mins it is no longer black blood by the 3rd tampon. Now just maroon n red blood when i have my period i am a light bleeder. I put a tampon in when i wake up and i put one in b4 bed so whats goin on do u think

  • Jo Reply

    Hi I’m hoping you may be able to help, I’m 47 have always had regular mild flowing periods. But my last 2 periods have been exceptionally heavy with clots, resulting in accidents. My last period came on the 10th of November and lasted a week then for the last 3 days I have been losing black blood with tiny clots.
    I’ve never had any gynaecology problems, no chance of pregnancy as I have been sterilised. I am relatively fit I run 3 days a week.
    Any advice appreciated thank you

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      When you are older, your hormones change its normal routine. This means, your endometrium builds up and thickens without a period. You may notice missed period, occasional spotting and a heavy period. These are changes that can happen that age of 47. So, except you experience heavy vaginal bleeding with lots of blood clots and frequent changing of your sanitary wears, it could be nothing serious. But to be sure, say hello to your doctor

  • Akinola Akin Reply

    I had s*x while i was breastfeeding and my hubby released on me and since then, my mensural period had been fluctuating (coming every five days ) and it black in nature. Whenever I felt its coming, i do feel acute stomach ache, please doc,what do I do?

  • LIZ JONES Reply

    I am 52 yrs old. Have not had a period in 12 months. Today…I have black blood spotting?
    I have been having issues this past week with my ribs out causing breathing issues and major shoulder pain. Could have caused stress?
    Kinda freaking out . I will make doctors appt tomorrow.

  • Hafsy khalil Reply

    Am 25 yrs old. Had cysectomy(dermoid cyst) 2 months ago.26 days mentrual circle n 6days mentrual period regularly then unfortunate this month period after 6days period finished and after like 1-2days i started bleeding black blood which was vry thick no itchin n nt heavy.do i nid to seek medical attention or it ws normal?

  • Monica Reply

    Help Please!! I need an answer Asap I started my period on Dec 22, 2017 and finished on the 27th but feel like I’m still on it On January 3rd 2018 because I keep getting dark black spotting and chocolate brown spotting and at times when I wipe after I pee it has slight stringy clotty brown discharge what’s happening to me? I’m 39 years old. Been happening to me for some months now after each period… I been passing it by but now I’m worried and to nervous to go to doctor. Please answer me asap please!

  • Bidemi Reply

    Pls Dr, I usually have this pain..like stomach biting before my period and its always black all through… Pls what could be the issue?

  • Kirsty Reply

    Hi, im a 26 year old female, sexually active with boyfriend.. and I have been on the feanolla, for about 6/7 years, never really had periods maybe about 4, but since December 2017 I had quite frequent periods,which worried me. Recently I had my period which lasted 6 days, 4 days later from this I have had dark brown light bleeding, which has now turned into almost black sticky substance with black bits in, is this normal? had a cervical smear and this came back with abnormalities so had to go back for a a second smear with gynae and the results were okay.. I’m just abit concerned about the brown/black bleeding after a period? why could this be happening

  • Heather Reply

    Hi, I’m 24 and I have PCOS, my periods have always been irregular in timing, but mine are always really heavy with light cramping, lasting about 3-4 days. Recently, about a month after my last period I started having cramps, at first I thought it was just my usual back pain ( I also have scoliosis) but soon it started hurting so bad on my left side I could barely walk. At that point I assumed it was multiple kidney stones, though I couldn’t go to the doctor at the time for lack of money. Fast forward to now, I’m on my second day of this period, my cramps are much worse and more frequent, my flow is light and the blood is black. Large long clots are showing up as well, and I’m very worried. What do you think?

  • Rowenasuyomcapaz Reply

    Hi,i’m rowena i’m worried about my blackmenstration..i started at january 24,2018 in that morning it’s red/brown and then stop for the nextday and for the nextday i had a blackmenstration until now february 13, 2018.and i don’t know when stop.and it’s only at daytime..sometime i feel dizzy.and at daytime i have headache.i just want to ask doc.what kind of sick that i have..

  • Tammy Reply

    Hi there, thank you for this post opportunity! My period just ending now was 5 days late and with mild cramping and black blood clots which aren’t so common though I do often get red smaller blood clots, these were thick and sticky. Unsure if this is a miscarriage? any way of determining that? or should I just keep an eye on it? many thanks for your reply.. cheers

  • saf Reply

    Helo am 23 years old and i started pills frstly in 12th feb 2nd day of my period and my period ends on 16n feb .in 25 feb a black clot spotting is coming and its not stoped why dis happening. Is it any type of disease am really tensed abt dis

  • Mizuko Reply

    Hello, I’m 17 years old.
    I’m on the pill, now I missed 2 pills, and I started bleeding, I took the next one; I noticed I have 4 more before I’m on my white period pill. So I continued taking them in order.
    I woke up today in bad cramps and peeing blood, and on my pads there black blood.

    Is this something to be worried about? Is it just because I missed 2 pills

  • Anaya Reply

    Hello . I am 23 and married. I got my last periods after 2 months of gap. And they lasted for about 14 days. First they were black for 2 days then normal for 6 days and rest they were black with clots mostly .. large ones . Although they were only small in quantity . Its 15th day today and i am still having them in veryy small quantity. Can anybody please tell me what is happening..

  • N Reply

    I bleed for 9 days with black blood.. at 23 age ..what does it mean.. ?

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