What is a FUPA and How to Get Rid of it

What is a FUPA how to get rid of fupa fast

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Hi, Dr. Dunn, I’m confused what is a Fupa; However, I have groin fat that makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve tried to figure out how to deal with it through exercises and non-surgical methods, but so far, it’s been difficult. I need your help. Are there other options?

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So, What is a FUPA

With countless numbers of people struggling with obesity, FUPA is one of the reasons it happens. Retaining fat in different areas of your body can be embarrassing specifically if it’s found in your pelvis.

Fupa is used by a lot of people to describe the surplus fat just below your stomach area. The word Fupa means “fat upper pelvic area” and for a lot of women, it is awkward, impacting on the kind of clothes you wear and your overall look.

Your pelvis is just located below your abdomen, and its an odd place to store fat.

There are many reasons you could develop a FUPA. In some cases, your poor eating habit is the cause. For some other people, a FUPA may be outside of your control (yes – genetics). Other reasons you could have FUPA are stress, poor diet, and for some women, it could show up after pregnancy.


Dealing with FUPA is possible and the most important tools you need are self-control and discipline. In rare cases, you may require surgery; However, the best treatment involves non-surgical methods (discussed later in the article).

This article explains the causes of FUPA, how to get rid of a FUPA without surgery, and possible surgical options available for short and long-term treatment.


What are the causes of FUPA?

It’s beneficial to learn why your FUPA developed in the first place. This makes it fairly simple to prevent FUPA after treatment. Here are the most common reasons a FUPA will develop

1. Your Genes

Yes, one of the most common reasons you could store excess fat is because of your genes. Your genetic makeup is a combination of chromosomes (genetic materials) that are transferred to you from your parents.

This means, if your dad or mom is obese, chances are, you are likely to deal with the same problem.

Taking extra measures are extremely required to prevent your small FUPA from getting ‘Full Blown”.

2. You eat the wrong diet

Another reason you can develop a FUPA is your poor feeding practices. It’s important to avoid certain meals, because, though they taste sweet, the could have serious unwanted effects on your health. An example of this type of meal is processed inflammatory foods which slowly builds up your fat cells.

These inflammatory meals consist of very high levels of sugar and sodium. This mean, they raise your blood sugar and subsequently spike up your insulin level resulting in the creation of more fat cells in your pelvis.

3. You are stressed up

Its possible your FUPA is getting worse because you are stressed. if you don’t loosen up for a long time, it could affect your health. One of the ways stress shows up is FUPA, meaning, relaxation should not be ignored.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that stress causes weight to build up. This occurs because your body increases the level of stress hormone – cortisol. Cortisol has a lot of function (as described here), and one main function that makes you add weight, is to increase your appetite.

Food cravings during stressed conditions raise your insulin levels, meaning, your body now stores even more fat in the pelvis.

4. Pregnancy

Being pregnant comes with its highs and lows, and adding fat pouch after pregnancy can be worrying. When you get pregnant, and as your baby grows, it creates extra spaces for fat cells to accumulate after delivery.

If you are concerned with your below abdomen fat, here are ways to quickly get rid of it


How to get rid of FUPA without surgery

If you developed FUPA, there are many ways to get rid of it. The truth is, you can get rid of your FUPA without any surgery. Some of the techniques used will require discipline, and within a few weeks, you will start seeing results.

Besides nonsurgical approach, some women will need additional cosmesis that will require surgery. Below are strategies you can employ right away to start seeing results.

1. Dietary modifications

There are many ways to remove FUPA, and eating the right things is the best way to start. It’s important you completely avoid any kind processed food that boosts both sugar and insulin levels.

Hamburger, pizza, fried foods, and food that contains high levels of sugar, protein and saturated fat should be avoided for now. It is time to start eating right. Here are some ways to help.

Eat but eat fewer carbs

Let’s be clear; Your body needs energy and carbs are one of the primary sources of your calories (so don’t starve yourself). But you need to eat in moderation. Eating a small amount of carbohydrates is always a good idea, but don’t overdo it.

Eat more veggie

Another good way to lose you FUPA is through use of vegetables. Its a little secrete often used by athletes to stay fit.

Take more pepper, broccoli, spinach, onions, and prickles, as they can build up your vitamin C level which helps in wearing down your fat. Adding vegetables to your diet is quite easy, so get started.

Eat polyunsaturated fats instead

If you are already addicted to processed food, its time to stop. These meals contain high levels of saturated fats and can make you build up fat easily. To avoid this from happening, you need to take “healthy fat”

Healthy fat or polyunsaturated fat is important to avoid weight gain and also has additional benefits in preventing stroke and heart disease. These kinds of fat help build up Omega-3-fatty acid which is needed for your body’s metabolism.

Some of the foods that contain these “healthy fats” are soybeans, corn oil, and sunflower oil.

2. Excercise more

Apart from changing your diet, there are many exercises that get rid of a FUPA fast. Here’s a video that can help.


How to get rid of a FUPA with surgery

Sometimes, these conservative methods for weight loss (diet and exercise) may not work for you, meaning, you will have to see your doctor for a surgical procedure.

The truth is, both surgical and nonsurgical approach have their challenges, however, it is better to try available nonsurgical options before deciding on surgery. Here are some options available.


Liposuction is a simple surgical procedure to remove FUPA. It involves the use of a cannula to suck out excessive fat tissues from your body. Though you could quickly fix your FUPA through liposuction, it is very unlikely you will enjoy long-term benefits.

Also, there are well documented side effects from the procedure, including redistribution of fats to other areas of your body. Other complications are pain, bruising, skin infection, damage or perforation of internal organs, and rarely death.

But in all, Liposuction is relatively very safe and still the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States.

Other surgical options are Monsplasty and Abdominoplasty.


What to do after your FUPA disappeared?

When your fupa disappears, be sure to continue working out and continue eating healthy food to make sure it will never come back. Because they will definitely come back if you do not make healthy changes in your lifestyle.

We have given you enough information to help you solve the problem! You are now equipped with the types of exercises to eliminate it, foods to help reduce it, as well as other possibilities to reduce its appearance. There is nothing to bother you, so act!


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