Why Is My Period 2 Days Late?

period 2 days late

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Question: Why is my period 2 days late? 

A woman’s menstrual cycle is made up of 21 to 35 days. It’s possible that your period may fluctuate due to hormonal imbalance from stress, acute illness, eating problem or if you’re on contraceptives.

However,  it could be due to pregnancy. Do you feel pregnant with symptoms like breast pain, breast swelling, nausea and body weakness? Are you worried your 2 days late period may be due to pregnancy?

This article explains why your period is late and the best time to take a pregnancy test.


Reasons why your period is 2 days lateperiod 2 days late white discharge

If your period is two days late then its likely due to one of the following.

1.  You are pregnant

If you had intercourse 3 weeks before your period, then its possible your 2 days late period may just be pregnancy.

Spotting before period is an early pregnancy sign and its due to implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding occurs as the embryo attaches to the endometrium. Some women may experience implantation bleeding as very light spotting that may be confused as period. However, implantation spotting is easy to detect because it occurs a week before you’re expecting your period.

Early spotting before period may not always mean pregnancy. There are other reasons why your period may come early. However, if you’ve had intercourse and feel pregnant before your period, then it is likely pregnancy.

Other signs of pregnancy are

  • Implantation cramps
  • Easily getting fatigued
  • Increased desire for a specific type of food
  • Avoiding some other types of food
  • Increased urination
  • Breast swelling and soreness

What to do? negative pregnancy test

If you have these symptoms, then its possible you’re pregnant. You will need to get a pregnancy test done to confirm. Pregnancy test before period may not be accurate.

2.  Excessive stress

Did you miss your period after very stressful days, weeks and months? Severe stress can have negative effects on the hypothalamus, thereby preventing your period from coming out. In some women, it can delay period for weeks or months

How does stress affect period?

The hypothalamus directly controls the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH) secretions through the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).

During stressful days or weeks, the hypothalamus either stops the secretion of GnRH or reduces it. This directly affects the FSH and LH hormones thereby prevent ovulation from taking place.

If ovulation does not occur, then its unlikely you will have period

What to do?

Try to have regular exercise and cut-down very stressful activities.

3.  Excessive loss of weight

Are you trying to lose weight with very strenuous exercise? Severe weight loss can delay your period.

What to do?

Refrain from very stressful and severe weight loss plan.

4.  Eating disordersover eating

Are you eating too much without control or having no appetite to eat? An eating disorder can also affect the hypothalamic release of GnRH thereby delaying your period.

5.  You are taking oral contraceptives

Are you on the pill and notice your period is 2 days late?

Oral contraceptives are pills taken by women to avoid pregnancy. There are different types of COC pill. The most common pills are taken for a 21 day period with a free 7 days period when you may have bleeding.

birth control pillNewer types of pill, when taken for continuous 84 days, may prevent pregnancy and cause absent period for 4 months.

How do contraceptives work?

They block the effect of both LH and FSH thereby prevent ovulation and period.

What to do?

Inform your doctor for advice about the pills you are taking. If you are on the continuous pills without a free period, then there is no reason to worry.

6.  You are close to menopause

Are you just over 40 years with irregular periods?

Peri-menopause, which means years around menopause, may cause women to have irregular periods, which can delay your period from coming.

If your period is 2 days late and you are more than 40 years, then it may be due to peri-menopause.

Other possible signs and symptoms of menopause are

  • Dryness of the vagina
  • Change of behavior and mood
  • Hot flashes
  • Lack of sexual interest

7.  You have a Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)pcos

Polycystic ovaries can cause women to have a late period.

Symptoms and signs of polycystic ovarian disease are

  • Weight gain or obesity
  • Abnormal distribution of hair (male pattern)
  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Irregular period
  • Absent period
  • light period
  • Persistent or recurrent miscarriages
  • Increased blood androgen
  • cystic ovaries on ultrasound

What to do?

Explain to a health professional about your body’s symptoms. Drugs like clomiphene and metformin are used to increase fertility chances in PCOS women. Also, weight reduction and exercise may also help.

8.  You have thyroid dysfunction

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can delay your period for some days.

Other symptoms of thyroid problems are

  • Feeling bloated
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Body ache and pain
  • Hair loss
  • Body weakness

9.  You took emergency contraception

Did you have intercourse and took pills to avoid getting pregnant?

Emergency contraception or plan B pills can delay your period


FAQs about 2 days late period

These are common questions asked and answered that may concern you if your period is late.

Period 2 days late and white discharge

Two days late period and increased white discharge is a sign you’re likely pregnant.period 2 days late negative pregnancy test

During the menstrual cycle and just before you’re expecting period, your vaginal discharge becomes thick or you may have no discharge before period.

If your period is 2 days late with a lot of white discharge, then it’s likely pregnancy. Other causes of increased discharge 2 days after period are late ovulation, breastfeeding, and intercourse.

Period 2 days late negative pregnancy test, Should I worry?

If your period is 2 days late with a negative pregnancy test, these are the possible causes

  • You are pregnant (It’s possible to have a negative test 2 days after period. This is due to low levels of Human chorionic gonadotropin which is detected in blood or urine test)
  • Stress
  • Excessive exercise
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Eating disorders
  • thyroid problems
  • Emergency contraception
  • Intrauterine devices

Period 2 days late and cramping, Is it pregnancy?

Should your period be two days late with stomach cramps, it is very likely you’re pregnant.

Do you experience other early pregnancy symptoms like brown mucus discharge before missed period, food aversion and fatigue? Then it is likely pregnancy.

However, it could also be a sign of your period coming or due to ovulation cramps.


Signs of period coming

Signs of ovulation

My period is 2 days late should I worry?

Not yet. While its possible that you may be pregnant, it also possible you missed your period for 2 days due to stress, exercise or late ovulation.

You should take a pregnancy test a weeks after period.

My period is 2 days late no symptoms of pregnancy

If your period is 2 days late no symptoms, then it could be due to

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Stress
  • Postinor 2 (Emergency contraception)
  • You started having period for the first time
  • You are close to menopause
  • Excessive weight loss
  • And yes, pregnancy

My period is 2 days late, should I take a pregnancy test?

Its okay if you check for pregnancy 2 days after your period. However, if negative, it is best to hold out until a week after period and recheck.

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  • Saydee Reply

    I am 2 days late and I’m never late always 2 days early I have been drinking for the past week or two about 3 cups of warm water and lemon juice I have my normal signs but nothing can you help me please I’m stressed out

  • Brittney Reply

    I am 2 days late, but ive been hvaing white discharge but its not thick, been having slight cramps here and there but still no bleeding and my cycle is usually 28 days, i started my last cycle on march 17th and i was supposed to start April 14th. Been constipated and my nipples are more sensitive than usual. Could i be pregnant or is my period just late…

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