Why Is My Period 6 Days Late with White Discharge and Cramps?

Period 6 Days Late

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Question: should I be worried if my period is 6 days late? What other reason could cause a delay in menstruation if I never had intercourse?

For women already in menopause, they already know that their menstruation will not be coming back. And, usually, menopause begins just over 50 years. Unluckily, its possible for menopause to set in quite early, and it could even kick off in your late 30’s if you have a premature ovarian failure.

If you do, and still very much in your reproductive years (1544 years), your 6 days late period may be an early sign of ovarian issues.

But don’t panic, premature end to menstruation only happens in just 1% percent of women, and it is not a common reason for a delayed period.

The commonest reason your menstruation will delay six days is pregnancy, and to be sure, you only need to take a pregnancy test.

It is recommended you use a well-concentrated urine, and if you are so determined to take a test right away, you should repeat your test even if you see a negative result.

On the other hand, pregnancy may not be your reason for missing your period. Period 6 days late with negative result could be due to anxiety, contraceptive use, nervousness, long-term stressful living conditions, sleepless nights, weight gain, or even a drastic loss of weight in a short period of time.

This article explains the reasons your period is 6 days late and the best time to test for pregnancy.


Reasons why your period is 6 days late

The total number of days between two periods is your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle can be regular or irregular. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, hormonal changes may sometimes put off your period from coming when due.

If your period is 6 days late, these are common reasons


If your period is 6 days late, then pregnancy is the most common cause.

Did you have any unprotected sexual intercourse weeks ago? Any light spotting or mild abdominal cramps before your period date?

Light spotting before your period date is one of the first signs of pregnancy. It comes about as a result of implantation and will not last more than three days.

More symptoms of pregnancy are

  • Breast pain, swelling, and soreness
  • Feeling tired easily
  • Increased urination
  • Light spotting and cramping before your period
  • Feeling like vomiting
  • Food cramps and aversion

If you have these symptoms, your 6 days late period is likely due to pregnancy. You should test for pregnancy to confirm.

First response kit can certainly spot pregnancy 6 days after your period. If pregnant, you should inform your doctor ASAP


If you’re on continuous contraceptive pills, it may delay your period from coming.

Contraceptive pills contain synthetic estrogen and progesterone, which when taken as prescribed, prevents pregnancy. Common pills are taken for a 21 day period with some free days when you may have to bleed.

However, newer pills skip these free days. If you’re on continuous pills, where active pills are taken for a long time, you will not have period for months.

On the other hand, if you’ve missed pills for days and your period is 6 days late, then it is likely you are pregnant. You should get a pregnancy test to confirm.


Are you currently preparing for an exam with sleepless nights? Do you have very stressful days at work?

Stress acts on the hypothalamus by preventing or reducing secretion of hormones that regulate your period.

If you continue to have very stressful weeks, sleepless nights or emotional issues, it may delay your period by inhibiting hypothalamic, pituitary and ovarian hormones that control your period.

You should reduce your stress level, exercise regularly or see a therapist.


If your period is 6 days late, it could be due to perimenopause.

Perimenopause simply means you are getting close to menopause. During this period, which occurs between 40 and 50 years, you may have an irregular or late period.

Other symptoms you may experience are

  • Hot flushes
  • Lack of sexual appetite
  • Dry vagina

Topical estrogen creams or estrogen pills may help relieve your symptoms.

Years after menarche

Menarche is when a woman starts having menstrual period for the first time.

Are you worried about your delayed period just after menarche? Then you shouldn’t. After first period, women may have irregular period for months or years, which may be heavy or light.

If your period is 6 days late after menarche, then you don’t need to be troubled yet. It takes a while for your hormones to normalize.

However, if you are worried you could be pregnant after intercourse, you should get a pregnancy test done or inform your doctor.

You’ve lost too much weight

Weight loss and strenuous exercise can delay your period for days.

Burning down 10 percent of overall body fat can impact your hypothalamus secretions of hormones that control period.

You took plan B pills (Postinor)

Did you try to prevent pregnancy after an unprotected sexual intercourse? Did you take a plan B pill or Postinor pill?

Emergency contraception, when taken after intercourse, can make your period come late. This drug acts by blocking or delaying ovulation. If ovulation is deferred, your menstruation should come late.

However, you may still be pregnant if pills were not taken as prescribed. Pills taken days after intercourse may not prevent pregnancy.


Frequently asked questions about 6 days late period

If your period is 6 days late, these are some question that may concern you. Still worried or have a question, feel free to share below.

Excessive white discharge, Am I pregnant or not?

Do you have 6 days late period and excessive white discharge? Then it’s likely you’re pregnant. Increased or heavy discharge before and after expected period is an early pregnancy sign.

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge gets thicker or dries out just before your period starts. If you get pregnant and due to increased hormones — estrogen and progesterone, your vaginal discharge increases.

Do you have other pregnancy symptoms? You could possibly get a good pregnancy test to help you confirm.

I’m 6 days late and yet with a negative test, why?

Six days missed period and yet test negative may perhaps be puzzling. These are a few causes

  • You wrongly calculated your next period date
  • Late ovulation (This occurs if ovulation occurs later than normal due to acute illness, stress and eating disorders)
  • Stress
  • Emergency contraception
  • After an abortion
  • Contraceptives
  • You recently inserted an Intrauterine device
  • You have polycystic ovaries
  • You are more than 40 years with signs of perimenopause

However, your 6 days late period negative pregnancy test may still be due to pregnancy. This occurs due to low HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) levels in urine.

Could abdominal pain and cramps also mean pregnancy?

If your period is 6 days late with cramping, then it is likely you are pregnant. Do you have nausea, nipple pain, breast swelling or pain? Are you feeling very tired recently?

You can test for pregnancy to confirm.

I don’t feel any signs or symptoms of pregnancy, is it possible?

If your period is 6 days late without pregnancy symptoms, it may be due to emotional or physical stress, eating disorders or sleepless nights.

Other causes of period 6 days late no symptoms of pregnancy are

  • Use of oral contraceptives
  • Severe exercise with loss of 10 percent of body weight
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Premature menopause
  • After an abortion

You should always take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Still worried? Then inform your doctor.

So, when should I take a pregnancy test?

The only way you can prove pregnancy is by taking a test. Most common pregnancy test strips can discover if you are pregnant by this time.

If you test negative after missing period for about 6 days, it could possibly be caused by various other triggers or a low HCG level. Wait a while and test again or inform your doctor.


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  • Rehna jiyad Reply

    Dr .. my periods is late by 6 days… i have more breast pain and irritation of stomach that how i don’t know that is pain or irritation like that … so some times vomiting tendency … but can’t vomit …and back pain … so what can i do dr . Plz reply me

  • Lyn Reply

    Doc i got most of symtoms of being pregnant except for spotting and im delay 6 days… but my pregnacy test still negative. Should i hope for baby.?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Be positive. Re-test after 7 days

  • Lisa james Reply

    I had slight bleeding barely 2 weeks after my period which only lasted 2 days. Now am 6 days late. Am I pregnant

  • Cristina garabillo Reply

    I’ve missed my period in 6 days but when i take a pregnancy test the result was negative..

  • Jasmine Reply

    My period is also 6 days late but I can’t be pregnant because I’m 12 so I’m worried.

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