What Causes Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge?

missed period negative pregnancy test white discharge

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Question: What causes missed period negative pregnancy test white discharge?

Missing your period can be worrying after having sexual intercourse. If you are expecting, missing period with white discharge is a good sign.

However, missed period negative pregnancy test and white discharge could be due to minor technical issues, natural causes, or a medical condition.

Hypothalamic dysfunction, premature menopause, polycystic ovaries or stress for a long time could delay period and test negative.


What causes missed period negative pregnancy test white discharge?

1.  Pregnancyperiod delayed for 1 month pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy may take days or weeks to show up. However, your missed period and a negative pregnancy test could mean pregnancy. This usually occurs if you take a test very early or if pregnancy hormones are still very low to detect.

What causes pregnancy?

Like most women who get pregnant naturally, the sperm fertilizes an ovum released during ovulation at the fallopian tube. The Fallopian tube is an extension of the uterus and is about 10cm long.

With the help of ciliary cells and muscular movement, the fallopian tube moves back the embryo to the uterus for implantation.

Pregnancy does not occur only after fertilization. The embryo must be implanted into the endometrial wall of the uterus. Between 6 and 12 days after fertilization, implantation should occur in most women.

After implantation occurs, some women may start having very early symptoms of pregnancy that may include spotting that is very light with mild abdominal pains.

Once the embryo is implanted, the human body begins to secrete the hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin – HCG) that can be detected to confirm pregnancy.

If pregnant, HCG levels will double within 48 — 72 hours and this determines if your pregnancy is viable or not. In some women, HCG is very low and may not be detected after missing your period.

However, if pregnant, you could experience

  • Bloating
  • Increased desire for a particular kind of food
  • Increased feeling of vomiting
  • Sore breast
  • Itchy nipples
  • Swollen breast with pain on the right and left breast
  • Increased urination
  • Less than normal bleeding from your vagina while expecting your period

Abdominal cramps may also be a sign of pregnancy. While expecting period, abdominal cramps that is much lighter than period cramps is a pregnancy symptom and occurs due to implantation.

After a missed period, pregnancy cramps occur because of hormone changes and improved uterine blood supply.

What to do if I feel pregnant but test negative?

You should wait and recheck after days or sometimes weeks. It’s possible you are pregnant, but HCG hormones are very low to detect.

2.  Pregnancy test at wrong time of daynegative pregnancy test

Getting the time right for pregnancy test is important. If you take a test after drinking lots of water, it will dilute your urine and result in false negative results.

The best time for testing is in the morning when your urine is very concentrated.

3.  You are in your mid 40’s

Due to hormone changes and depletion of ovarian follicles, women will start experiencing unusual symptoms before menopause.

Menopause, which means cessation of menstruation, occurs at an average age of 51 years. Before this time, women begin to have an irregular menstrual cycle and period.

A late period, hot flashes, decreased sexual interest and dry vaginal suggest menopause is around the corner.

Missed period negative pregnancy test after 40 years may indicate perimenopause.

4.  Polycystic ovaries (PCOS)pcos

Ovulation disorders in women can delay period. Medical condition like polycystic ovaries, which occurs due to high androgens, may block ovulation and result in infertility.

Though women may have irregular heavy or light period, it’s possible your missed period negative pregnancy test and white discharge is due to PCOS.

Symptoms of polycystic ovaries are

  • Inability to conceive
  • Excessive weight gain or obesity
  • Abnormal distribution of hair that resembles males pattern
  • Thinning of hair
  • Spotting in between your periods
  • Acne

5.  You are unlucky, and menopause is starting very early

Remember that most women stop having period at 51 years. However, some women may start menopause very early. This is referred to as premature ovarian failure and may cause absent period, dry vagina and signs of menopause.

6.  Hypothalamus dysfunction

The hypothalamus is a vital center that controls ovarian function.

Through hormones released – GnRH, the hypothalamus acts on both the pituitary and ovaries to make your period come when due.

Sometimes, the regular release of this hormone may be affected, resulting in a missed period.

Conditions that may lead to hypothalamus dysfunction are

  • Emotion stress
  • Sleepless nights
  • Physical stress
  • Long travels
  • Eating problems

7.  Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy, which is also called tubal pregnancy, occurs because fertilized ovum is not implanted within the body of the uterus. It could be in other parts of the uterus like the fallopian tube and rare cases in the abdomen.

If you had severe abdominal pain and missed a period, it could suggest tubal pregnancy.

Other ways you could tell if it’s ectopic are

  • Dizziness and feeling very weak
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Repeat symptoms after a previous ectopic pregnancy
  • Months or years of neglecting vaginal infections without treatment

Don’t just stare; ectopic pregnancy could result in grave consequences if not managed quickly. It’s vital your health care provider know your symptoms as early as possible.

8.  You’re on or stopped taking contraceptive pills recently

If you are on active pills for more than 21 days, it is very likely your period will not come when due. These pills, while blocking ovulation, may also stop or delay your period. However, it may depend on the type of pills you’re taking.

Also, women that stopped pills may have an absent period for some time. This does not mean you’re pregnant and occurs because your body is trying to adjust.

9.  You took emergency contraceptionPostinor pills after morning early periods

Emergency contraception means drugs you’ve taken immediately after intercourse to prevent getting pregnant.

After morning pills may disrupt your normal menstrual cycle and result in delayed ovulation and menstruation.

Don’t panic, it’s normal for most women and your period will return in a few days.


Now, let us hear from you. Worried your period is late but testing negative? Any questions?

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  • Jennifer Reply

    Hi my name is Jenn and I’m type one diabetic and my numbers have been high from a skin infection as well as stress. I’m 53 days late on my most 28 day period. And it’s pretty reg. I am kinda freaking out. I’ve done two test at home. And both came out neg. Sorry forgot to mention my last period was the 9th of may. And im having discharge and no symptoms. Any suggestions or input anything will help.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      I understand how you feel, but the truth is there may be something wrong. If your period is late 53 days now, there are possible causes, though it’s important you inform your doctor. If your hormones dip or are secreted abnormally during polycystic ovaries, premature ovarian failure, and hormone imbalance it possible this could happen.

      You should talk to your doctor, or try a blood pregnancy test in a clinic near you.

      Lastly, your period may be affected by hypertension, diabetes in the long term.

      • Ape Reply

        Hi Dr Dunn,

        My name is Ape, im 45 years old. last period on October 22 until December 23 no period yet, regular cycle of 28days been several pregnancy test and blood text but it shows all negative…sometimes feel cramping at my back, lower abdomen pain. white discharging, no breast tenderness or swollen. but still hoping Im pregnant…been confused please advise

  • Carmen Reply

    My name is Carmen, I’m about to be 22 in a couple months. I haven’t gotten my period from last month and still haven’t. I used to take plan b pills more than normal but recently stopped back in April. However when I got my period in at the end of May it was very light. Then June came and I never got my period. I do have a discharge and I noticed I have started to break out on my face a little bit. I’m concerned because I did have bv last month and took an antibiotic metronidazole for it but I still have the discharge. I am not pregnant and my period is now over 2 weeks late. I have made a Dr appt for next week but am very concerned. What could this be?? Please respond soon.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Hi Carmen, I’m sorry u are so tensed up. You said you are not pregnant? Did you run a pregnancy test? Bacterial vaginosis is common in women who douche, use vaginal sprays or perfumes. Also, if you’ve used vaginal soaps to clean deep inside, it could predispose you to bv. However, your discharge may be concerning and may indicate pregnancy. If it’s not smelling fishy and now much more than what it used to be, it is likely pregnancy.

      You should test it out; Let me know if it’s negative or positive.

      • Chandra Reply

        Hi Dr Dunn,

        My name is Chandra. My monthly is usually very regular every month on the 15th. The odd time it has been a day early. I had routine blood work done on Oct 30th and pregnancy was negative. However it is now Nov 23rd and I am 8 days late which is very abnormal for me. (My bf and I are active but usually careful) I’ve taken 2 hpt on the 5th and 6th day of my missed period but both were negative. I’ve been extremely tired, Moody, my breasts are also sore and I have light cramping with white discharge. When I was pregnant with my son it took 3 hpt for me to get a faint positive.( I now have a very healthy beautiful 3 1/2 yr old) please help!

      • Roja Reply

        47days late period negative test ,milky&creamy white discharge

    • Julia Reply

      were you pregnant im going through the same thing & now im three weeks late
      on a 29-30 day cycle

  • Jade Reply

    My name is jade I am 29 my last period was in april 23 n I have now missed 2 periods I did 3 test wen I missed my first period and all where a faint positive line how ever I wen to the doc last week did a ultrasound n the doc could not see anything in the 2 seconds he was looking dan he did another urine test and it came up negative so im not pregnant and I still have no period I also get alot of headaches feel nauseous get clear mucus cramps and lower back cramps I had a regular 28 to 30 cycle I just dnt understand and I feel so pregnant plz help.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      It’s unlikely your pregnancy will show in ultrasound if it done very early. On the other hand, you’re more likely to be pregnant after a faint pregnancy test. Kindly get a blood pregnancy test to confirm. Let me know if there are other issues.

  • Darlene Reply

    Hi I’m Darlene, 22 years old. I stopped taking birth control pills 2 months ago, I had my last period june 3rd. No period until today its been a week delayed. I’m sexually active but using withdrawal method. I had 2 pregnancy test last week after I missed period both negative. Can I still be pregnant? I have low back pain, slight period like cramps, head ache and white discharge. Please help!

  • Emily Reply

    Hi, Emily here. I’m 7 months pp and recently got my period back last month. We are trying to conceive and I’m 2 days late, white discharge and mild cramping. Fatigued as well but it could be because of my teething baby (: is it possible to start my period and then lose it again? We are hoping I’m pregnant, but all tests are still negative.

  • rashi Reply

    I have Pcod from many years. After marriage, I started getting regular periods. But now suddenly after 6 months, I have a delayed period with lots and lot of whitish discharge. Weight has gained rapidly. We were planning to try to have a baby maybe in a year’s time. Will I be able to conceive because of Pcod? What is the best treatment? I have 27 years and I hope I have not started on my menopause already. Please advice.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) decreases fertility and delays period. You should let your doctor know. These days there are many options to help. Metformin tablets, combined oral pill or even clomiphene will help boost fertility. Talk to your doctor.

  • Joanna Ramirez Reply

    My situation has been worrying me. I saw my GYN about it and doesn’t really seem like she knew what was going on after I explained to her. I’ve been trying to conceive. I had intercourse on my period and during my fertilized week and ovulation day. My last period was on May 21st. I bled for a day in half in June and that was it. I took 3 pregnancy test and they were all negative. I have symptoms of pregnancy but I guess I’m not pregnant. I took a pregnancy test at the Dr visit and it was still negative. I was ordered to take various blood test though. I’m not sure what’s going on with my body. I have pelvic cramps. It’s odd that I had intercourse on the days I’m most likely to get pregnant for months and ask afraid this may be premature menopause and I’m only 32

    • Max Reply

      What happened

  • Jewel Reply

    Hi! Based on my calculation I’m 8 days delayed from my period. My last period is June 10 up to the 13/14. And I had unprotected intercourse 25th of June. I am really worried so I took 2 pregnancy test the 1st one is last July 10th and the 2nd one is July 14th they all came negative. I’m having white discharge and it makes my private part itchy also my lower tummy sometimes ache like what you feel when your period is about to come. These past months my period is regular if ever, I only missed my period for a few days or a week the most. I don’t know if its because I’m stressing about this so so much because that I don’t get enough sleep anymore and I’m having massive hair fall. What should I do? Do I need to do a retest? Or im just really stressing out that’s why my period is late? Pls, help!

    • Naina Reply

      I am going through the exact same problem! Have taken two pregnancy tests and the results were negative each time. I’m 13 days late, feeling cramps in my tummy area and my vaginal area is getting slightly itchy. But then, I’ve had a very stressful last month, which had also affected my eating and sleeping patterns. Could it just be delayed because of stress?

  • Faith Reply

    Hi!am 28 years old with a regular cycle of 26-28 I missed my periods on 4 July 2017 did a pregnancy test at home and it turned negative on 16th July. I have whitish discharge not smelly though,never been on contraceptives except emergency pills I took 2 months ago(may).I don’t have any signs of pregnancy.. What may be the problem?please help

  • Sarah Reply

    Hi, I’m currently running ten days late on my period. My SO and I did have unprotected intercourse, so it is possible that I could be pregnant. I have taken five at home pregnancy tests throughout the past ten days and all have turned up negative. Usually, I’d assume I’m not pregnant and maybe this is stress related and I’m skipping a period or whatever, but I’ve noticed especially in the last few days other symptoms that point to being pregnant. My other symptoms are tender breasts, cramping (but not like usually menstrual cramps, more like I can feel and am totally conscious of my lower abdomen, it feels more like a slight pressure right below my belly button), really bloated, slightly nauseous and within the last two days I have found very thick milky discharge in my underwear. I took a test this morning and it came up negative. I have no idea what I should do, if me worrying about being pregnant is creating these symptoms and delaying my period further, or if I’m actually pregnant. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Thabang Reply

    hai, am a 27 year old female stopped using contraceptives on 20/06/2017 and on the 23rd of June saw my periods which ended on the 27/06/2017…since then I have used emergency pill twice (between 28June and 26 July 2017), and on the 10 and 11 of July was bleeding in the morning only, so on the 19/07/2017 I took a pregnancy test which came out negative..so now am late on my periods and have been experiencing cramps, breast tenderness and a white discharge and feeling dizzy.so what could be the problem.

  • Jerika Reply

    Hi I’m Jerika 22 years old I was on the depo shot for about three years I got off of it in December I have been spot on with my cycle starting in January I start the 8th of every month and last month June my period was a week late and I had symptoms of pregnancy but then I finally started after a week but when I did it was not like my normal period at all. Very light in color just was not right for me. And I have one child and I didn’t experience any of this with her I didn’t Evan have any pregnancy symptoms. But so now it’s July 27 and still have not started and I waited till the 8th nothing so I took a test negative so then I decided to wait till the 15th cuz that’s when my last one came due to it being late so I tested the 17th and still negative it is now the 27 and I still have not started. Can I still be pregnant

  • Taylor Reply

    Last month when I started my period I started birth control but stopped taking it after 3 days due to the side affects. Now my period is 3 days late but I’m having all the PMS symptoms and white discharge does that mean I’m pregnant?

  • Marie Reply

    So I am 6 weeks and 6 days late. I am 31 going on 32 on August 9. I notice when I was younger my period changes drastically a month before my birthday. I have stop using the nuvaring in January. I have been using with my partner condoms. And usually I would just finish him orally. I have been late due to the changes after stopping the ring. I also had light with heavy cramping or really heavy flow but no cramps. But I have never been this late before. I am having some sleeping patterns that having me awake till 4am and 4am to 11am asleep. I have a lot of stress due to losing my jobs, unpaid bills and so on. I just took two pregnancy test and they came out negative. I have lost weight and gain more energy lately. And I am in easily aroused. And i have a light discharge. I have a schedule pap smear test in august but should I stop it and take another pregnancy test just to be sure I am negative or positive? or am i pregnant with these symptoms?

  • jia Reply

    Hi. Is it possible that I’m pregnant if I had unprotected intercourse BUT my bf didn’t “released his sperms” inside me? this may sound severely stupid but I’m really starting to get worried now. I missed my period for about 2-3 weeks now and the common symptoms of early pregnancy I’ve researched about aren’t exactly happening to me. I don’t experience swollen breasts (though there is a little-inflamed part in my nipple that is a bit sensitive), I don’t experience morning sickness (tho I easily gag), etc. I do have mood swings and white discharge but I usually experience that before I get my period it’s just that it’s taking too long rn and I’m worried. I haven’t taken any pt yet because I’m scared so I hope you can help me and reply to me as soon as possible.

    • Dr Dunn A. Reply

      Hi Jia, Sorry you are worried. But the truth is 2 weeks late period would most likely mean pregnancy. You had intercourse, and provided you did not use protection or are on pills, it’s likely you will be pregnant. No symptoms? Yes, some women will react differently to hormones and may not even show pregnancy signs at 5 weeks

      Use a pregnancy test ASAP. If you are negative, then read this guide.

  • Michelle Banawis Reply

    Hello. I’m Michelle 24 years old and a mother to a 3years old . I’m 9 days late now with my period and been having a excessive white discharge on the day I’m supposed to be having my period . I’m experiencing slight cramps or pain on my lower back and feels like I’m bloated and hungry even after meal . aside from that there is no other pregnancy symptoms like vomiting. But I gotta say I didn’t experience vomiting with my firstborn though, anyways I’m anxious about what’s happening right now and I did a pregnancy test yesterday but it came back negative. Now I’m lost ???. Please help me figure things out. Thank you.

  • Jacinda Morales Reply

    I’m 22 years old. My period has always been regular. It’s now August 1st, i haven’t gotten my period since June 21st. I tested on July 29 in the afternoon and had a negative hpt. Still no period and recently got white creamy vaginal discharge which ive never had before. Everything makes me nauseas or vomit. Im always tired, i had a few days of light cramping and thought maybe my period was coming but it never did. So not usual for me ive never been late or missed a period. What’s going on? Could I be pregnant even with a negative home pregnancy test?

  • sophia Reply

    Hi ..am sophie, i just got treated for ulcer, varginal infection and excess gas in my intestines .my period was suppose to start yesterday but did not .Took a p.test and was negative and am really worried cos all i get is a discharge..wat could be d cause and possible solution..Thanks

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Hi, Sophie, it’s normal to feel scared now if you are not expecting. Since your period is just one day late, you can read this guide.

  • Jade Reply

    Hi Dr. D my period is now 3 months late I bought 2 test yesterday took 1 yesterday afternoon it was a faint pos and it got darker later took the other this morning and it was bfn so wot do I do now I cnt afford blood test unfortunately

  • Sarah Martinez Reply

    Hi, I’m sarah. I’ve been getting headaches the past two days. I’m getting cramps for the past two days also. I’ve been very moody for about two weeks (usually happens 2 weeks in advance for my period). I missed my period a week ago. It’s august 5th. Haven’t had intercourse since june 28th. I took two pregnancy tests and both came out negative. Also have white discharge. What could it be ? I’ve also had some work out that I’m not used to. Joined new sports.

  • Curious Cat Reply

    Hi Dr. Dunn,

    My name is Catherine, I had an abortion on June 7th which I only bled moderately just that day (of termination) I had sexual intercourse 4 times within the 2 weeks after my abortion. I did take a morning after pill for the last 2 times of sexual activity. Everything seemed normal until I started cramping mildly and noticing white lotion like cm. It’s been a little over 2 months since my procedure and I still haven’t gotten my period (which is very regular) and it’s past the 4-6 week window I was given during my follow up appointment. Also I started taking trinessa Lo 2 weeks after my abortion. Please help!

  • Sunnie Reply

    I been on depo shot since april 2016 last shot was feb 2017…..i haven gotten my period still and have been active since june 28 2017….2 test came back negative from the doctors and 3home test negative…

  • keyshlyn Reply

    Hi i am 22 i have two kids age 6 and 3 i recently had a miscarriage at 6 wks on june 12 2017 did not do a d n c was natural my first period came 36 days after on july 16 2017 to july 20 2017. i usually be 28 day cycle on cycle day 22 and 23(6&7aug) i had mild cramping (probably implantation)i took a test on cycle day 26( 10 aug) and was negative. my next period was due on the 13 of august 2017 so i took a test in the morning with first urine and was negative also and now it is 5/6 days late today is the 19 0f august 2017 equal to cycle day 34..from cycle day 26 i have this thick white mucus sometimes milky sometimes sticky up to today cycle day 34. i also have a slight stricking pain now n then in my left breast n my nipples itch sometimes n they are very sensative mild cramps in my tummy last like 5 seconds not much cramps though. i have not taken a hpt since cycle day 28. could i be pregnant?

  • Rebekah Luka Reply

    I have factor V liden. I took a pregnancy test and it was faint line positive. This is my second time being pregnant. Last time was faint line positive and the blood test was negative. I have diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, morning sickness from time to time, I have food aversions and cravings. I have an appointment on the 23. I’m scared. What if I lose it again?

  • sara Reply

    i had unprotected sex with my partner last month after my period ended. then the next day i took a contraceptive pill. i have missed my period. it’s more than a week late than the expected date. am i pregnant? i am very scared. please help me. 🙁

  • Gen Reply

    I was diagnosed of having BV and my OB prescribed Flagyl to take for 7 days. I had my period last July 13-18 and started the medicine at 07/21/17 to 07/28/17. I supposed to have my period again by 08/12/17 but until now my period is not showing up. I got a heavy discharge on the day I supposed to have my period. I am suffering for lower abdominal cramps for few days. Is these just a side effect of Flagyl or am I pregnant? I took a HPT 4 days ago (8 days delayed) but it was negative. I always had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend since I am trying to conceive. please advise.

  • Melissa Bridges Reply

    Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m 35 years old. I have PCOS, and my husband and I have been trying to conceive since my daughter was about a year old (about 4 years). Lately, I started using a progesterone cream as the Ovidrel injections the reproductive doc gave me cause horrible cramping and we couldn’t have intercourse as we needed to because of it. The latest my cycle has ever been is 12 days late. I’m currently on day 12 after the date my cycle should have started and I’m experiencing extreme fatigue (even after sleeping all night), some mild nauseousness and food aversions, severe breast tenderness, and bloating (mostly in my lower abdomen). I have had some minor cramping in my lower abdomen, but nothing like I usually get. I have had one positive pregnancy test, then the tests I’ve taken since have been negative.

  • Nail biter Reply

    Hi. I am a mother of 1 child. My period ended July 4th.. Then July 10th I started again until the 28th!! I was bleeding so bad! Went to hospital but they were no help. I was leaving a marriage and into a new relationship and moved a hr away. Before all of this I got a uti that went into a kidney infection then a yeast infection. I was on a heavy antibiotics that killed my stomach so I had to stop taking Metformin for Insulin Resistance and PCOS.. SO… I did research and realized my hormones were out of wack and that’s y I was non stop bleeding heavily.. I started taking Metformin asap and it slowly went away. Ended on July 28th.. Now I’m on 30 days from the end of that wonderful experience but my actual last period ended July 4th. I have been experiences White thick (occasionally even sticky) or very milky discharge. Prob a week and a half now. I have been bloated. Cramps kicked in about 1-2 days before my period should’ve started back and the cramps are still there. I’m either very hungry and can eat or if I’m hungry I can barely eat or it just doesn’t taste well at all! I get sick feeling a lot but I am not a puker (last preg I only felt sick a lil and never threw up once the whole pregnancy) Pretty much have all symptoms except implantation bleeding (I didn’t have for my 1st child either) My stomach/intestines are going crazy! I feel like I’m gonna start my period any min for a few days now but just the white discharge. I have been taking tests like crazy now and all negative. I really feel that I am pregnant but so unsure since the whole hormonal imbalance last month! I would love to get an expert opinion. I’m gonna retest in a few days (fingers crossed!) but my bf bday is in a couple days n that would be a great surprise!! Thanks in advance for any help on calming these damn nerves!

  • Confused woman Reply

    Hi Dr Dunn A.
    I had unprotected s*x 4 times in 1 night on day 8 of my normally 28-day cycle and 2 days later I took the plan b pill. Exactly a week before my period was due I had a very unusual bleed, it was more light pink discharge as though a bit of blood was mixed in and it was quite thick like egg white. This was very light and lasted 2 days. 3 days later I took a pregnancy test which came back positive. I was shocked and have taken more since to double check but every other one has come back negative. My boobs were really sore but for the last week not so much. I am now 6 days late, having quite a bit of milky white discharge (have been for about 2-3 weeks), cramps on and off for about the same time and took another test today which came back negative. I’m not sure what to think. Could the positive test have been a dodgy test? It was a cheap one but since I’ve tried really good ones and digital ones, all negative. I thought maybe a chemical pregnancy but not sure with no bleed and the discharge hasn’t changed. Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance

  • Chi Reply

    Hi Dr Dunn, my period is 11 days late today and I have had an IUD for 4 years n 5 months now. There is whitish odourless liquid discharged and home pregnancy test says negative twice. Please help!!

  • Muneerah Bhyat Reply

    Hey Dr Dunn, my period late now for 11days now and inbetween I had light spotting for 2 days and after the spotting i had cramps in my left side of my stomach for a day and after the cramps I had back ache for half a day and after the back ache I had like a milky discharge and slight head ache now and then so I done a pregnancy test and it came out negative.

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      If you are not pregnant after a test, wait for another week and test again. While you are worried you could be pregnant, don’t be fast to conclude. late ovulation, which means your ovulation is delayed for a few days, may cause these symptoms ( Delayed period, white discharge, cramps on one side of your tummy, and back pain).

      Retest again. Though, if you’ve had unprotected sexual intercourse, then it could be pregnancy.

      • Lily Reply

        Dr Dunn
        My name is Lily and my Last peeiod was August 26 lasted for 5 days. Had intercourse on Sept 19 (protected) already 6 days late dor my period. I tested last monday and it was megative. Am i oregnant? I’m not trying to have a baby i’m only 19

  • Tabatha von King Reply

    Hi I am 3 days late I also have had negative hpt and blood test, tubes are tied as well however I have been having alot of painful cramping pains in my sides and hips my doctors think that it might be swelling in the clampsbut arent sure. Is this dangerous for me if it is swelling and what arey options thanks

  • scottishgirl92 Reply

    I am now 4/5 weeks late. my (21/7/2017)period is usually every 3-4 weeks but has now been 8 weeks since the 1st day of my last period , I had my coil removed on the 1st August 2017 as me and my partner are now ttc. I have had sharp pain in my breasts and at the bottom of my stomach over the last few weeks and been really tired with some white discharge but I have taken 8 hpt and everyone of them have come back negative I have also taken a urine sample to the doctors on Friday and they phoned today saying its still negative. what could be causing this ? thank you

  • Lei Reply

    Hi I’m 33 and was sterilised 5 years ago I have always had nightmare periods, all been overly heavy. I’ve tried many different things to reduce bleeding, not a great deal has helped unfortunately. I was recently taking utovlan (northisterone) which in the past eventually helps regulate my periods! However, I stopped taking them on the 23rd of August obviously expecting my period 2/3 days later and …. nothing! So it’s been almost 4 weeks now baring in mind I am sterilised, I have done 4 test and the doctor has done one too! ALL NEGATIVE! I now have a bit of a dull like pregnancy ache in my lower back, I’m experiencing more than I’d say was usual white discharge, my moods are out of this world at times and last night I had a bit of lower kind of groin area discomfort! I’m worrying myself a little bit and google isn’t the best way to search symptoms but I am a bit concerned! Doctor just said enjoy not having a period for now and come bk if no sign in a month!

  • Overly worried 27 Reply

    Hi Dr A, I had unprotected sex in July and missed my period in August, (I didn’t and haven’t taken any pills, I took emergency contraceptive pills earlier in July but not after this mid July sex) I tested negative thrice and had sharp pains in my upper right tummy then it moved to the left side. I’ve had headaches and one night my vagina itched so bad I kept rubbing it and by morning it was swollen, it went down though.
    I have white creamy discharge and waist/lower back pain.
    I eat normal, no dizzy spells, no nausea, the pains have reduced.
    I had protected s*x two days ago and vagina was itchy afterward. I’m worried, is it an infection?

  • Ann Reply

    Me and my fiance have been trying for 4 months I’m 6 days late my periods are always on time I had a small streak of blood a week ago have had no other spotting and I started having a white milky discharge 2 days ago but my test this morning was negative could I possibly be testing too soon still

  • Moj Reply

    I am 44 years old and Im a week late. we are trying to get pregnant so I took the ovulation test and we had intercourse on that day and the next day. Now Im late, have white discharge and very mild cramps but no breast tenderness or nausea. The over the counter pregnancy test shows negative. BTW:I had a small cyst removed in June.
    I am very confused! Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

  • Rejoice Reply

    Hi Dr I stop breast feeding my baby on the 25th of July so my period came out on the 29th of July which it lasted 4days 3weeks last I was thinking that I was actually pregnant and it came out on the 6th of September which it lasted 4days. Pls Dr when should I expect my ovulation I really want to be pregnant. Thanks reply pls

  • Lily Reply

    Dr Dunn

    My name is Lily and my Last peeiod was August 26 lasted for 5 days. Had intercourse on Sept 19 (protected) already 6 days late dor my period. I tested last monday and it was megative. Am i oregnant? I’m not trying to have a baby i’m only 19

  • Riyaxa Reply

    Hi… i have pcos… my period is late for 8 days.. did two blood test before my period is missed which came negative.. did a pelvic ultrasound on the third day of missed period and doc said theres jo sign of pregnancy.. could i still be pregnant?? Or is it bcox of the pcos??

  • Selva Reply

    Hi I am late by 3 days of period today.my last period sep 8 and had sex on 17 to 21 days.tested pregnancy tdy in kit it is showing negative. Big breast tender sometime more clear watery discharge! . I m pregnant or not? Or how long I have to wait 2 test?

  • Jolie First Reply

    Hi I’m Jolie, 18. Anyway, I am two months late, I got
    pregnancy symptoms even vaginal
    discharge. I had spotting also, abdominal cramps,
    my aeroles are getting dark in its sides,swollen breast but
    when I took the first test it has one line but
    I open the pt and it has another line down there
    but I took again after a few days it has
    negative result. I don’t know whats happening
    need help

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      A faint line seems like pregnancy. TAke your test in the morning after waiting for 7 days after delayed period.

      • Lily Reply

        Dr Dunn
        My name is Lily and my Last peeiod was August 26 lasted for 5 days. Had intercourse on Sept 19 (protected) already 6 days late dor my period. I tested last monday and it was megative. Am i oregnant? I’m not trying to have a baby i’m only 19

        • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

          If you are late for 6 days, take a test. Don’t panic yet, It may not be pregnancy.

          • Lily

            hi i’m already 2 weeks late with 4 negative HPT. am i pregnant or not? only symptom is my breasts have grown and nipple sensitivity.

          • Lily

            I posted that comment on Oct 4 with my period being 6 days late but now it’s more than 2 weeks late and ive taken 4 negative HPTS

          • Dr. Dunn A.

            When is the last time you took a test?

          • Lily

            This morning and it was negative. That was my 5th one now

  • Trendy Reply

    Hi, Dr. Dunn, I had unprotected s*x last week and I took p2 that same day. But my period is 5 days late and I’ve been experiencing menstrual cramps, lower back ache, sore nipples and white discharge. I took a test 2 days ago but it tested negative. Pls, what’s wrong!

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      Hi, Trendy,

      There is no reason to panic, Postinor delays period for days to weeks. In few days time period will return. Its possible to have cramps and back pain while ovulating. So, it’s not always a sign of pregnancy.

      P2 delays ovulation, so Don’t worry much.

      • Lily Reply

        Dr dun pleasereply. Already took a blood test and it was negative. Us this accurate?

  • Len Reply

    My last cycle was August 26 I had sex on the 1st unprotected I took the bill hours later but had unprotected sex on the 15th my cycle was due on the 22 and on the 24th i took a test neg I’ve taken several since then including today and they have all been negative.What are your thoughts?

    • Dr. Dunn A. Reply

      You are just 2 days late, be patient. Pills you’ve taken P2 can cause late period while you’re not pregnant.

  • Amber Reply

    Hi my name is Amber. I’m 20 years old and have a son that is 2 1/2. My last period was sept.19.2017. I have took 5 test through this time,including today, in the mornings, all coming out negative. I have had diarrhea for a week straight,tho now I don’t. I feel nauseated at different times of the day for the past two weeks but no puking. I’ve had white discharge this morning was a lot. Also, I’ve had mild cramping here and there. I have no appetite what’s so ever, and sometimes feel dizzy but not much. Also acne is bad. Please help me I’m freaking out but don’t have insurance to go to the doctor.

  • Melinda Reply

    My name is Melinda and I haven’t had a regular period since October. November was not normal. Some spotting for less than a day. I didn’t get mine for December and still haven’t gotten it for January. I took 2 PG test in December and 1 last week. All negative. Earlier this week I took a blood tear and it was negative as well. I have been pregnant before a couple of years ago….which caught me by surprise. I have had similar symptoms as I did when I was pregnant before. Fatigue, frequent bowel movements, mood swings, discharge, dizziness. They did a test for thyroid problems but it came back normal. Could I still be pregnant? If yes what do I need to do? And if not , what could it be? Please help!

  • Kristal Jackson Reply

    Hi my name is kristal my period is 14 days late and I have been having a lot of milky white discharge. I took a test after being 7 days late and it was negative but I still think I’m pregnant when should I test again

  • Sam Reply

    Hi, I’m 35years of age and was on birth control for pass 6years. I have been off the pill September last year and suddenly now my period is late 45days. I’ve taken 4 HPT all we’re negative. I’ve met my doctor and she told me highly unlikely to be pregnant. She prescribed to me NE pills to induce my period which I had to take for five days and told me that I will have my period in one to two days. It’s day three now and still nothing. She did advise me to take another HPT if there’s still no period after the second day which I did and the Test came out negative. The only thing that occurred whilst I took the NE pills is that I have watery discharge. Really confused what’s going on now. Also I did a blood test October last year and have no thyroid problems. Please advise

  • Suh24 Reply

    Hi! I’m 24 diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. They put me on Metaformin which I take not regularly ( too strong) however for the past 3 months my period has appeared on the supposed day ( mine is 39 day cycle). This month I’m late 2 days, I have has unprotected s*x days before my ovulation. Instead I’m having white thick white discharge (started on the day of my period was supposed to start) I feel bloated and sleepy like 7pm. could i be pregnant or is it just the PCOS effect ?

  • Ynn Reply

    Im Ynn,27.
    I last had my menstruation January 12-17 this year. For the last year,i had irregular periods. Starting from August i got my period on the day it should come. But my September period didn’t came. Here comes October i had an unsafe s*x,after my period. But it turned out negative since my period came on November 2-7,so basically i thought im not pregnant. I had an unsafe sex again on November 15,and i felt some pregnancy symptoms like dizziness,nausea and drowsiness. December 3 came i had little blood coming out like they told me as spotting for 2 straight days,and it stopped. I was thinking it was an implantation of blah..blah..but my period came later on Dec.11,and it was heavy and very red,felt different from my normal flow of blood,it lasted until Dec.16.Came January i had my period from 12-17,and we had an unsafe sex on the 17th. He intentionally popped inside coz he was sure i wont be pregnant coz he had undergo vasectomy. And it was followed with a couple popped in for atleast 3days from Jan.20, jan.24, and Jan.29. I was expecting my period to come around 2nd week of February. But i had another unsafe sex with my 2nd bf. So,he popped in 4x straight in one day,last Feb.10. And now,i made a home test thru pregnancy test kit,it showed negative. And just lastweek i went to a series of tests in the clinic and its all negative. I had a little pinkish and brownish spotting of 2 days last Feb14-15.I’ve been delayed for almost 2weeks. I have feeling of breast sore,saliva with a bit of mucus,heavy white/brownish discharge and smells a bit awful. And an itchy feeling in my private part down.A pain in my lower back sometimes. What are these im feeling for? What symptoms are these? Could it be that i am experiencing PCOS? Please leave me some reply. Thanks. Have a nice day!

  • Ikram Reply

    Hi my name is Ikram I am 22 I have a daughter and am trying for baby #2 I am 26 days late today and I have nausea not extreme hot flashes lower back pain a lot of white discharges sore nipples and mod swings and am emotional a lot these days and that’s not like me . Took pregnancy test on a week ago and did blood work as well they came back neg my doc said wait it out . Am very concerned what could it be ?

  • Ana Reply

    I am currently 8 days late for my period. It was due on 17th Feb. I had high fever from Tuesday 13th feb which was identified as flu and so started taking Tamiflu from 15th Feb.
    Took a first response pregnancy test today morning (25th Feb) which came out negative. I have white discharge for 2 days now. What can be the reason for my late period?

  • Raveena Sonnylal Reply

    Hi, well I took 2 tests both came out negative but I do have a discharge and lower abdominal pain aswell as lower back pains sometimes and headaches. At times I feel the urge to throw up but nothing comes out my mouth just water a lot. I’m often tired and sleepy and always hungry and I tend to get angry at every little thing. Soon it will be a month I have had a missed period do you have any advice as to what I should do?

  • Nicky Reply

    Hi,im 19,I last had my period of the 18th of February.I’ve had unprotected sex on the 21st,24th of February and 8th of march.I usually have have irregular periods but I’m now experiencing stomach cramps,bloating,lack of appetite,fever,dry mouth,nausea,fatigue,light headaches during the day,white watery discharge and I’ve had a brownish vaginal discharge for 2 days..but my boyfriend says he didn’t cum inside me.could I be pregnant?

  • Tee Reply

    Hello doc I’m 31 and I had my last period on the 28 of march and I had unprotected sex on the 1st of April..I expexpected my period on the 21st of April now its the 25..I have vaginal dryness and sore nipples. Can I be pregnant because I have never been this late

  • Jessica Reply

    Hi, I’m 19 and i’m over ten days late I took a test in the middle of when I should be on my menstrual cycle but it came back negative. My breasts are tender and i’ve felt some what light headed and i’ve been having pain in my back, and eating non stop also I have white discharge quite allot. Is there a chance i could be pregnant and just took the test too early?

  • michelle Reply

    Hi Dr, I’ve missed two periods so far and I’ve tested for pregnancy every single week but all turn out negative. I’ve been having small amount of white discharge.

  • michelle Reply

    I just want to know is it possible that I’m pregnant?

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