How Often Do You Get Your Period?

How often do you get your period

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How often do you get your period is a common question girls ask after their first period or when they have too frequent periods.

Are you worried your period is lasting longer than normal? Do you feel your period is lasting longer with period blood clots? Did you notice your period twice this month? Did you skip a period for a month?

This article explains how often women should get period, what’s abnormal and when you should worry.


What is period and why do they occur

Periods or menstruation are cyclical vaginal bleeding that may be regular or irregular. It occurs due to hormone changes in women.

Before age 10 – 16 years, it’s okay if you don’t get periods. However, if you are older than 16 years with no period, then it’s abnormal.

During puberty, your body hormones, estrogen, and progesterone regulate how your period comes out.

They are both responsible for maturation and thickening of the lining covering your womb (endometrium).

If fertilization and implantation occurs, then your period stops due to pregnancy. However, if implantation does not take place, your endometrium is washed out as period. You may also have some signs of period coming — cramps, low back pain during period, sleepless night or acne before period.


How often do you get your period

First, you should know how long your period is supposed to last. Normal period last between 2 – 7 days. However, if this is your first period, it may be irregular for the first few months and years. In some women, it may be heavy, while it may be lighter in others.

How often are periods suppose to come?

Normal period last between 2 – 7 days. Between each period is your menstrual cycle. For example, if the first day of your last period is 22nd of October and your next period started on the 21st of November, then your menstrual cycle is about 30 days

What’s normal?

The normal menstrual cycle should last between 21 and 35 days. If your period comes every 21 days or every 35 days then it okay.

In women who are having their period for the first time, menstrual cycle may be between 21 and 45 days. It may get regular and shorter as you grow older.


Can I skip a period for a month?

Yes. If you have a long menstrual cycle of 35 days, then it possible you may skip period for a month

Some calendar months have 28 says while others have 31 days. This means if you have a 35 days menstrual cycle, you could miss a period for a month.

Should I get worried?

Not yet. There are other reasons why your period is late. However, if you calculate your menstrual cycle and chart it, you can easily detect when its irregular or abnormal.


Can I have 2 periods in one month?

It’s possible to have 2 periods in one month if you have a short menstrual cycle.

If you often get your period every 21 days, then it’s possible to have two periods in the same month.

For instance, if you have a regular 22-day cycle and your period started on the 1st of October, then your expected period should be on the 23 of October.

What to do?

Learn how to calculate your menstrual cycle, your period and chart it over months. There is no reason you should worry.


How do I calculate my menstrual cycle?

Sometimes, it’s possible to have an early period or a late period. However, you should chart and calculate your menstrual cycle to know its length.

  • ⇒Monitor the first day of your period
  • ⇒Chart it and record for months
  • ⇒Count the number of days between your periods
  • ⇒The number of days between 2 of your periods is your menstrual cycle
  • ⇒Check if your menstrual cycle is regular or not

Learn more: Menstrual cycle (menstruation)


7 Reasons to worry about your period

  • Period occurs every less than 21 days
  • Your menstrual cycle is more than 35 days
  • Your period lasts less than two days
  • Your period last more than seven days
  • Period is heavy with blood clots
  • You have severe menstrual pain during periods
  • Your period blood is black


FAQs about How often women get period?

These are some related questions about menstrual cycle and period. Still confused or have a question? Let us know below.

Does your cycle start the first day of your period?

Yes. If you’re trying to calculate your menstrual cycle, then the first day of your period is the first day of your menstrual cycle. The difference in days between 2 periods is your menstrual cycle.

How many weeks apart are periods?

Period length and menstrual cycle length vary from woman to woman. It may be long or short in women.

However, a normal menstrual cycle should have periods 3 – 5 weeks apart. If it’s less or more, then it’s a sign something may be wrong.

Do you get your period 28 days after it starts or ends?

This depends on your menstrual cycle. Menstrual length can vary among women. Normal cycle length is 21 to 35 days and regular. If you have a 28-day regular cycle, then your next period may occur in 28 days time. Also, women with 23 days cycle expect their period in 23 days time.

However, some conditions can change your menstrual cycle length. They are:

  • Excessive exercise with weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • PCOS (polycystic ovaries)
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Eating disorders
  • Uterine fibroid


Now it’s your turn. Are you having issues with your period? Let us know.

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