Clear Jelly Like Discharge: Is it Pregnancy or Ovulation Sign?

clear Jelly like discharge Is it pregnancy or ovulation sign 4 Main Causes

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Question: Is clear jelly like discharge a sign of pregnancy or ovulation?

If you’ve just noticed a jelly-like vaginal discharge, you may begin to worry. First of all, you must know its natural and not because you have an infection or a medical problem. Secondly, women will experience a gel like discharge normally during their menstrual cycle.

Here’s an email I received from one of my readers

Hi Dr. Dunn

It has been seven days after my period ended and suddenly my vaginal area feels wet with jelly-looking discharge that gets me worried I am pregnant. I had intercourse with my boyfriend just after my period, and I’m scared it could be pregnancy. I also had a pregnancy test yesterday, which is negative, and I do not have any pregnancy symptoms.

Are there other reasons for a jelly-like discharge?

If you are noticing a jelly-like discharge from your vaginal area for the first time, you may begin to worry about the possible causes.

The truth is, your vaginal discharge, whether thick, watery or jelly like is normal, provided you don’t perceive an unpleasant smell and have no itching.

In fact, jelly like discharge is common around the time you are ovulating, and if you are already pregnant, a clear jelly discharge before period is an early sign.

This article explains

  • The causes of jelly vaginal discharge
  • Signs that show your jelly discharge is due to ovulation
  • Signs that show you are pregnant
  • When to worry about your discharge and see your doctor.


What is normal vaginal discharge?

During the day, it’s okay to have whitish stuff on your panties. Sometimes, it may be watery; Other times, it may be thick.

Ordinarily, your body (the cervix) helps to produce fluid that aids the removal of dead cells and bacteria from your vaginal area, and a whitish discharge is normal if there is no odor.

However, it becomes necessary to inform your doctor if your discharge is now green or yellow colored. These type of discharge may be due to ongoing vaginal infections.


What causes Clear jelly Like Discharge?gel like discharge

1.  Ovulation discharge

If you are learning about ovulation for the first time, it’s normal for women and means your menstrual cycle is working as it should. Ovulation occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle and may cause you to have a jelly-like vaginal discharge.

Ovulation is the rupture of a follicle in your ovaries with the subsequent discharge of egg into your fallopian tube. Before and during ovulation, a gelatinous discharge may occur and it’s due to changes in your body hormones.

Before ovulation occurs, estrogen hormone is produced by growing follicle, and it acts to make your vaginal discharge look watery and jelly-like.cervical-mucus-egg-white-cm

Within a few days before ovulation, which occurs about a week after the end of your period, a jelly discharge with no smell or odor is normal, and you should not worry about it.

What are other signs of ovulation?

A gelatinous discharge glob that occurs between your menstrual periods is likely because you are ovulating. Here are other ovulation signs you may experience.

⇔ Slight fall in basal temperature

Basal body temperature is recorded very early in the morning before you get up for work or any other daily activity.

If you consistently take a temperature test in the morning and record your findings daily, you can tell when you ovulate, and after ovulation has taken place.

Usually, just a few hours to ovulation, there is a slight dip in your basal temperature. After ovulation, your basal body temperature will show a consistently higher temperature slightly above temperature levels before ovulation.

⇔ You feel you want intercoursesex for reduce period

Around your ovulation period, your body hormones will make you want to have intercourse. If you feel this way with a jelly discharge down there, it’s a sign you are ovulating.

⇔ Your cervix disappears

If you can’t detect your cervix  (which is a tube-like canal that connects your vaginal canal to the uterus), it’s likely you’ve entered your ovulation period.check cervix

In some women, you may still feel your cervix, but it is soft and located high in your vaginal canal. If you feel this way, it’s a sign you are fertile and in your ovulation period.

Other symptoms of ovulation are milky egg-like discharge, mild belly pain that lasts for a short time, mild vaginal spotting, abdominal bloating and nausea.

How can I check my ovulation discharge?

First, it’s important you ensure your hands are clean. Wash your hands with soap and water. Then dip your middle finger into your vaginal canal to see if you can feel your cervix.

Next, bring out your examining finger and observe the type of discharge. It’s better to squat while checking for your cervical mucus. However, if you prefer standing, you can raise one of your legs on the bath and check.

If your cervix feels soft and difficult to locate, it’s a sign of ovulation. Also, if your discharge is clear and jelly like, it indicates you are ovulating.

Why is ovulation fluid important?

While some women will quickly want to know their ovulation signs to boost their chances of getting pregnant, others will want to avoid pregnancy by having sexual intercourse after ovulation has ended.

It’s simple; if you want to get pregnant, have regular sexual intercourse at least 2 -3 time every week while experiencing jelly discharge. If you are avoiding pregnancy, you should use a condom or abstain during this time.

2.  Pregnancyperiod delayed for 1 month pregnancy

Apart from ovulation, clear jelly like discharge may be an early sign of pregnancy.

Usually, ovulation jelly discharge occurs about two weeks from your next period, and then after ovulation, your vaginal discharge changes to thick creamy mucus.

Just days before your period, you will feel dryness at your vaginal area as your hormones (mainly progesterone) become depleted.

However, if you are expecting your menstrual period in one or two days time with increased jelly-like discharge, it’s likely you are pregnant.

Bonus Tip: You may be pregnant without knowing. Watch this 1-Minute-Video to Discover 16 Most common Pregnancy Signs

Other pregnancy symptoms are

  • Implantation bleeding that may cause you to have a brownish jelly discharge
  • Mild belly cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Breast changes including pain and swelling
  • Food craving and fatigue.

If you experience jelly like discharge before period with these symptoms, it’s a sign of pregnancy





Is clear jelly like discharge before period sign of pregnancy?

Yes, if you had intercourse 2 or 3 weeks ago and now have a so much discharge that is watery and jelly like before your expected period date, you should take a pregnancy test.

What causes clear jelly discharge and abdominal pain?fertilization symptoms abdominal pain

If you experience belly pain with a clear jelly like discharge, it could be due to pregnancy. During pregnancy, mild cramps, often called implantation cramping, are common during the 3rd and 4th week of pregnancy.

So, if you eventually miss your period, take a test to confirm pregnancy.

Another reason for clear jelly like discharge and abdominal pain is ovulation. While some women may not even experience any pain during ovulation, others will have mild to moderate dull or sharp pain in their abdomen.

Brown jelly like discharge, is it normal?

Brown colored discharge occurs because blood mixes with your vaginal discharge.

It could occur after intercourse, during early pregnancy (implantation bleeding), during ovulation, and if you have vaginal infections.

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